5 Important Reasons Why You Should Move Out of California

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Did you know that the poverty rate in California is 14.3%? While the average household income is about $75,000 a year, the average cost of a home is $546,800. Only about 54% of California residents owned a home in 2018.

If you live in the state and are thinking about moving somewhere new, check out this list of reasons to move out of California.

1. High Cost of Living

One of the reasons many people are deicing to move out of California is because of how much it costs to live there. As explained above, the average cost of a home is about half a million dollars while the average income is only $75,000 a year.

As home prices continue to soar, so do state taxes. California residents have one of the highest income tax rates in the country and a high sales tax too.

With more people working from home than ever before, there’s no need to stay in the state. If you’re looking to sell your home and move quickly, you’ll need some home selling tips to help you out. Click here to learn more.

2. Social Issues

You might be thinking about leaving California because of some of the social issues.

Homelessness is a major crisis in the state, the high poverty rate and housing costs are partly to blame. With little government intervention, the problem is only worsening.

Since California is home to some of the largest cities in the world, cleanliness is another issue residents complain about. It’s not uncommon to see garbage around major cities.

3. Concerns About Natural Disasters

Although California weather tends to stay warm year-round, it’s still prone to natural disasters that can make living in the state difficult.

High temperatures and the impact of global warming have caused thousands of wildfires year after year that cause environmental damage and burn down many residents’ homes.

Earthquakes are another common natural disaster that occurs in California. While not all earthquakes are high magnitude, they can cause destruction and even death. These natural disasters might lead you to start planning a move.

4. Traffic Problems

You might be thinking of selling a home and moving to another state because of California’s traffic problems. If the amount of traffic to and from work stresses you out every day, this is a good enough reason to move to another state.

The high population and lack of good public transportation add to the traffic problems in California.

5. Increasing Levels of Pollution

Since California is one of the states with the most traffic, air pollution continues to increase each year.

Smoke from wildfires can also create more pollution that’s harmful to your health.

Reasons to Move Out of California Explained

If you’re considering selling your house and moving, this guide provides some of the most important reasons to move out of California. High costs of living and natural disasters are enough to drive you to pack up and move somewhere new.

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