5 Article Rewriters that offer free use to everyone

None of us is born with professional writing skills and some authors simply copy and paste the thoughts. They commit plagiarism and this might have a bad impact on their work. 

If you’re a skilled and mature author, you have to be aware of concerning plagiarism which usually means you can’t steal a person’s thoughts and present them as your own.

If you aren’t an expert writer, you need to employ somebody. The article rewriter a modern technology which can be found on the internet and helps make the article fine. 

Most of the time, these tools are beneficial for making your content unique as it removes the plagiarism.

It’s not simple to compose posts with fresh thoughts and words. Rewriting is an option but it has to be addressed importantly. 

You need to analyze each line and sentence, locate the synonyms of these phrases then you need to proofread the content in the end, therefore it gets rather a challenging endeavor.

Additionally, doing it manually is quite a time-efficient procedure, and sometimes, you may not have enough time to rewrite all the context yourself. 

There are some article rewriters available on the internet to enhance your writing specially to make it look unique. 

The basic functions of an article rewriter are to maintain the original meaning while it can:

  • Restructure the information
  • use synonyms of these words
  • transform active voice to passive voice 

Amongst the list of article rewriters, we have found the best article rewriters for your consideration. Here we go 

This article rewriter rewrites the content with comparable quality altering the term phrase and employing the synonyms. 

It requires an extremely brief time to switch the sentence and word which makes it readable and unique. That means you’re able to use it to get blog articles, guest posts, study papers, and content social networking posts.

It’s possible to create multiple and unique articles utilizing this rewriter that may bring much more visitors to your site. 

This article rewriter offers 3 days of free trial having complete access to this particular tool’s feature. It’s quick, secure, and protected to generate enough content for you. 

This tool has effective algorithms and this way, it may rewrite the content without altering the original concept of the source.

It’s quite simple to work with as you only need to insert the text and click on the button and the rest will be done by the tool itself. The only disadvantage of the online tool is you need to have a registration to receive 3 days trial period.

This tool utilizes artificial intelligence and natural language processing to enhance your post with great human readability and uniqueness. Additionally, it utilizes a sentence swapping feature to make the content interesting as well as unique to another source. 

Spinner Chief provides support for both offline and online users to increase accessibility. Besides its uses on Windows, you can also use this application on Mac and Android. 

For all of these platforms, you just have to pay for a single time which means a single subscription can be used for the web interface, Android, Desktop, as well as Mac Systems. 

After rewriting, it will refine the sentence structure according to SEO and this benefits the bloggers and marketers to make their content ranked on top. This tool has premium and free options for all users. 

After buying their premium package, they offer their API free, and that means that you may use it in different third-party applications.

Prepostseo also uses artificial intelligence as well as some other unique algorithms to make the content more optimized and readable. 

Whether you are willing for an article rewriter for making your content plagiarism-free or for making your content readable, this is one of the best options for you. 

It has extremely effective algorithms to alter your writing when retaining the actual meaning of the content. It employs exactly the synonyms of words in this manner it doesn’t change the idea of the content.

The key element of this tool is that you don’t have to pay for its usage as it is completely free for all users without any restrictions. 

Without any registration, users can use this tool as many times as they want. It’s quite friendly to use as you only need to upload the text (in different formats including txt, doc, docs, and PDF) in the tool and click the button to look at the outcome.

This tool is one of the helpful tools for making your content plagiarism-free.

Chimp Rewriter is another tool that utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence to generate an exceptional article. This article spinner is quick to rewrite your article and overs a single click, it will make your content unique. 

Chimp rewriter generates the content with entirely new words retaining the original thoughts the same of the source. 

They provide you the API that may be utilized in third-party applications. This tool supplies 14 days free trial and later, you need to buy the subscription to enjoy it without any limits.

Another tool for rewriting content without spending any money is seotoolscentre.com. It’s quite simple to work, as you only need to copy and paste the content into the toolbox while the rest of the work will be done by the tool itself.

This tool only supports 7 languages including English, Indonesian, Spanish, French, German, French, and Turkish. 

This tool can be considered to use for blogging while it instantly generates fresh content. Whether you are making your content effective or you are making unique text, you can easily use this tool. 


We’ve discussed 5 amazing and efficient article rewriters readily available on the internet. In the event you don’t need to spend your time so long composing, you may use these efficient article rewriters to generate unique content. 

If you’re finding it hard to eliminate plagiarism out of your content, you can utilize any of the above-mentioned tools and simply rid of the duplicate content.