4 WordPress plugins every Law firm website must have

If you own a law firm, you need a good website to increase visitors, and sales thereof.

This article originally written by Aleph Website is gold-worth for all law firm owners and marketing managers in legal business.

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Optimizing your website content is crucial. With SEO Yoast you can do SEO on a basic level that would be sufficient for your blog posts. Additionally, it gives you the most basic schema markup options that will help search engines recognize your pages and posts.

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It also permits integrations with Search Console if you’re looking to level up.

On-page SEO is very important for your articles, as they would otherwise not rank at all!


WordPress Forms is a plugin designed to create fill-out forms. These could be anything from contact forms, lead generation forms, sheets, etc.

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This plugin is useful to collect data. It is stored on your wordpress website. You can download the CSV file and manage it from excel.


To protect your website from DDoS malware, hackers, suspicious logins, brute force attacks, you’ll need a good security plugin. WordFence is definitely #1 for this type of function. There are other tools equally good but they are paid versions.

WordFence has a Premium-paid package too, which is super comprehensive. You can check it out and see if it makes sense to you!

4. Caching Plugins

Best caching plugins are:

  • W3 Cache
  • Autooptimize
  • SG Optimizer

They are all powerful, some paid and some free. Our #1 plugin is SG Optimizer.

Caching is super important as it permits delivering valuable content to users at a higher speed, making your website experience really good and loading really fast.

5. Image optimization

There are multiple plugins you can use that can get the job done:

  • Short Pixel
  • Optimole
  • SG Optimizer

Optimole is great it has multiple functions:

  1. Image MB Size reduction – compressing the image size
  2. Image Resize – if an image is blurry or too small, Optimole can resize it to look good
  3. Static images – some images tend to move up and down, this can be prevented by locking the position of the image
  4. GIF conversion – convert GIF to video, and vice versa. IF needed.
  5. CDN for images – Content Delivery Network for images. This serves to increase the speed of loading an image while reducing the pressure on your website servers

Other tools are good too. They don’t have the full kit as Optimole does though.

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