4 Ultimate Tips for Cheap Staycation in Singapore

Getting a one to two-days staycation is becoming a more popular thing to do. Especially for businessmen who don’t have much time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, staying is the best plan to cope with stress. As a Singaporean, you will have so many options to choose to spend your staycation.

So, when exactly is the best time to book your hotel room for a staycation? Is it only on Epic Sale? Not sure, you can get so many offers especially for cheap hotels in Singapore. Good news, is you can plan your perfect staycation with the perfect offer and price by following the ultimate tips below, so here you go.

1. Book A Room On the ‘Promo Day’

The first step to plan your staycation is by deciding the date. Prepare yourself to take some leaves on the day you want. But, don’t do it randomly, do some quick research about when the promotion day will be held. Yes, just follow the date when some travel agent application like Traveloka greets you with Epic Sale.

By the time you follow the date, don’t forget to pay it with the simplest payment method. So, you won’t miss the chance to get the hotel room that you want.

2. Looking For Weekday Deals

Is it a myth or true, that many applications like Traveloka give discounts on the weekdays? Probably it is true. So, don’t ever miss a chance if you want to go for a staycation on the weekdays. The tip is to check for weekday deals on the application or website. If you do this, surely you can save up to 30 percent off compared to weekend room rates.

3. Use Promo, Discount, and Cashback to Save More

On Traveloka Lifestyle Superapp that offers you a room for books, Traveloka, it is often that the app gives you promo, discount, and cashback at one time. The best part is, you can layer the things up so you will get a cheaper price for your book.

Notes for the cashback, in Traveloka, you can use the points for future hotel bookings. So, you can use it again to get cheaper rates for more and more.

4. Use Travel Application

The one thing to conclude from the list is, it will be better if you use the app. Not only for the price but also you will get another offer that gives you the cheapest price.

Even though there are no bad things when you book it directly from the hotel, it is best to book a tour staycation room from an application like Traveloka because they only curated the best-rated hotel with the best price in Singapore.

So, let’s go to the Traveloka app or website to book your planned staycation. The faster the better so you won’t miss the best room for your best experience.

Go prepare your staycation and for the hotel booking, you can use Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s lifestyle superapp. Definitely, you will have the best hotel with the best offer package and price.

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Traveloka EPIC Sale Singapore will give you the best deals for many products such as hotels, flights, and activities that you can get in Singapore.

So, what are you waiting for, go visit the Traveloka site and download the app now!