4 Things to Know Before Moving to Florida

happy couple enjoy luxury sunset on the beach during summer vacations

Are you one of the almost 400-thousand people considering moving to Florida this year? This lovely state is a top pick for retirees, vacationers, and those seeking a laid-back tropical lifestyle.

Floridians are friendly, welcoming people and you’ll find no shortage of things to enjoy both in the cities and countryside of the state.

Do you need more information on how to move to Florida and whether you should take the big step? Here’s what you need to know before you go.

1. The Benefits of Living in Florida

Florida earned its name, the Sunshine State, thanks to a year-round warm climate and short mild winter. This state does often bear the brunt of storms and hurricanes, but thanks to its good infrastructure, it always bounces back before long. 

Apart from these few days of seasonal downpours, and short summer afternoon storms, the weather in Florida’s generally well-behaved. It’s the perfect place to indulge in seaside activities and other outdoor adventures.

One of the biggest benefits of living in Florida is that you pay no state income tax, although you can expect to pay a sales tax of about 6% currently. 

2. The Cost of Living in Florida

You’d expect the cost of living in such a glorious place to be higher than the norm, but it’s not. General living expenses in Florida are in line with national averages.

Yet, you will need to pay extra for flood insurance which is a costly addition to your monthly budget. It’s an important safeguard since most homes in Florida are close to the water.

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3. Working in Florida

Florida boasts a thriving economy and low unemployment.

Some of the most common jobs in Florida are in the fields of construction, aerospace, and building maintenance. You’ll also find plenty of opportunities in hospitality, thanks to the state’s thriving tourist industry. 

4. It’s Easy to Find a Home When Moving to Florida

There are loads of interesting, well-established places to live in Florida. Your housing choices range from historic dwellings to resort-style condos and you can expect to pay a slightly higher price than the national average when buying a home. 

You could also rent your home in Florida, although prices exceed the U.S. average by around 8%.

Finally, you can build your own home within your budget in Florida. There are plenty of local companies out there willing to help you save, read more here.

Are You Ready to Get Going?

Are you convinced that moving to Florida is the best option for you? You’ll find no shortage of nationwide movers willing to help you make the trip.

Book early though, thanks to the large number of people relocating to Florida every year, these operators face high demand for their services.

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