4 Examples of Professional Bios on Medium

Creating a professional bio about yourself can be a very challenging task to complete, especially when you don’t have any idea on how to begin. With many companies starting to use social media platforms like Medium and LinkedIn, you need to know how to write a good professional bio about yourself!

That’s why we have whipped up a list of the four best-looking professional bios on Medium and LinkedIn. In the list, we’ll go over what each bio does well and how to implement aspects of it into your own professional bio!

Example 1

The first example is the bio of an insurance lawyer, and it’s a great example of a concise and informative professional bio. With only 160 characters, you will need to really choose what you want to include and what not to. This bio goes over the individual’s history in their career field, as well as provides their current job title.

In addition to your bio, it’s important to share a picture that displays the kind of character you want others to see. Our example’s photo is perfect because it’s casual, but also professional. Also, make sure to link any other social media that are attached to your professional career.

Example 2

A more personal bio may suit you if you’re a writer or artist. A good example of a very personal and creative, but still professional bio, can be found here. The more personality you share, the more likely your readers are to relate to something about you. It’s okay to be casual, as long as you keep it to the point and you still include parts about your profession.

Example 3

Another great example of a more creative but to the point professional bio is Christyl Rivers’s bio on Medium. This is also a very easy style of bio to do yourself, as it is literally just a list describing yourself.

Starting from the most professional descriptions to least professional, Christyl simply typed the titles and attributes that best fit her. The result was a clever but simple professional bio. If you’re struggling writing a bio, this format may be the one for you.

Example 4

Douglas Giles’s bio is an example of a personable but professional bio as he chose to write it in the first person. The resulting product is something easier to engage with but also keeps strictly to his career.

This is another easier style of bio to write yourself as all you need to do is write 1 to 2 sentences about yourself and maybe include a professional goal of yours.

Summing Up

Each bio we went over in this article has something unique about it that you can implement into your own bio. Remember to keep your career type in mind when writing it, as some people may want more to-the-point bios where some may want more personable and creative bios.

At the end of the day, however, your Medium bio should represent who you are professionally and a little bit personally.