3 Kitchen Projects That Lend a Touch of Elegant Class

Female Hands Framing Gradated Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.

Are you looking to level up your home in a unique, beautiful way? A good place to start is in the kitchen. One study by Houzz found that within the last three years, kitchens were the top priority for home renovations. 

This is because the kitchen is one of the central points in a home, as it’s perfect for entertaining and spending quality time. There are many simple ways to add style and class to your kitchen. This article can help.

For our top simple kitchen projects that add class to your home, read on for our basic guide.

1. Add Metal Details

It’s true what they say, minor details can make a major difference. Adding metal details to your kitchen decor can catch the eye and add a touch of elegance. 

If you want to level up your kitchen cabinets and drawers, consider adding metal knobs or pull handles. If you have a darker color scheme in your kitchen, cooler metals like silver or cast iron make for a perfect addition. If you have a lighter color scheme in your kitchen, you might consider adding warmer metals like gold or copper.

Another top tip for adding metal details into your kitchen remodel is to mix the metals. Mixing metals is one of the top trends in interior design today. When mixing metals for your handles and knobs, be sure to combine both cool and warm metals.

This makes for a subtle and beautiful way to add depth to your space. For more about elegant handles for your kitchen cabinets and drawers, read more here

2. Revamp the Lighting

Changing the lighting in any room can also change the mood, tone, and overall vibe. If you’re looking for simple ways to update your kitchen, changing the lighting is one of your best options. 

For a more versatile and intimate feeling in your kitchen, consider adding a dimmer. Dimmers allow you to adjust the lighting during different times of the day and in different situations. 

Another way to revamp the lighting in your kitchen is to light up your backsplash. Consider using stick-on wall lights and attaching them underneath the cabinets. This can add life to an otherwise dim space.

You may also consider replacing any old bulbs with bright LED lights. LED lighting is long-lasting, durable, and energy-efficient. These bulbs last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and use at least 75 percent less energy. 

3. Add Elegance With Paint

Painting any room can seem like a daunting task for many of us. The truth is, using a fresh paint color is another simple way to add elegance to your kitchen.

Rather than repainting your entire kitchen, consider using a complementary color to add detail. You might enjoy painting backsplash tiles, cabinets, or trim. This can create a more vibrant and modern look without breaking the bank. 

When choosing paint colors, be sure to refer to basic color theory to make the best choice. It’s important to choose paint colors that work off of each other rather than take away from each other. It’s also important to understand how color can change the mood and tone in a room just like lighting or decor.

Experiment With Your Kitchen Projects

Now that you have three top ideas for a simple, elegant remodel, what are you waiting for? By following these kitchen projects, you can achieve the kitchen of your dreams in no time. 

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