3 Key Questions to Ask Your GMC Dealer

If you have some extra money in your pocket, consider putting it towards a vehicle. GMCs are quality autos, but you have to go about the purchase the right way to be sure you’re not getting a dud.

With private sales, you never know whether you’ll be ripped off and out thousands of dollars. Going to a GMC dealer, on the other hand, gives you the assurances of expert knowledge, repair contracts, and warranties.

The dealership experience intimidates many, but these memorable questions make GMC-hunting less stressful.

1. What Distinguishes Your GMC Dealer?

Before deciding where to buy your next GMC, learn about the businesses. With seemingly infinite GMC dealers around, knowing who to trust isn’t easy.

Instead of spending hours online trying to decide which reviews are real and which are competitors’ bots, ask dealers why their establishments are special. If they dodge offering specifics, they may be hiding issues.

Another way to figure out where to buy is going to the formal websites of dealerships like Royal Buick GMC. It’s true, you can’t always judge a book by its cover or tell how good a dealership is by its website. Still, dealership sites that look like the businesses devoted no time, money, or effort to them are often signs of bad things to come.

2. What Do I Get as Your Client?

Promotions, warranties, and service plans are a few great reasons for shopping at a dealership. When looking for a GMC, information on each dealer’s benefits helps you decide where to buy. 

Watch out for “too good to be true” offers like warranties with a bunch of exceptions and “lifetime” service plans that cost extra after a year or two.

Trustworthy dealerships have good, honest deals and follow through on their promises. Ask about offers before you start shopping, and again as you consider each car to make sure the benefits you want apply to your purchase.

3. Can I Try My Normal Route?

 If you’ve never taken a test drive, know that it’s not a free-for-all. Dealerships often default to a small area around the lot, which often isn’t near where you drive most days. Always ask the dealer if you can drive your usual routes to see how the vehicle handles the roads.

Liability is the explanation most salespeople give for not allowing this. Still, ask even if you think you know the answer.

If they can’t or won’t explain their policy, why would you trust they’re being honest about other things? The answer—or lack of answer—you get in response to this ask helps gauge whether or not to go elsewhere.

4. Learn to Shop Better and Live Well

If you want to drive away in a vehicle you won’t regret, asking these questions to your GMC dealer is a must. For more handy guides on buying cars and other vital purchases, take a look around the site.

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