10 Things You Should Know About Biblical Studies

The Bible is a library collection of books bound together. What differentiates it from other books is the fact that its authors were inspired by God himself. When you study the Bible, you understand who God is, his purpose, and his revelation to human beings. A Biblical Counseling degree can help you understand the many scriptures in the Bible.

Here are things you should know about biblical studies:

1. Bible Study is Different from Reading the Bible

Reading the Bible means going through the text at a natural pace while studying means thinking through the words and understanding the text and context. Studying the Bible comes with questions that we search meaning and consider the implications.

2. The Bible brings us closer to God’s Heart

Bible scriptures show us the many sides of God. They clearly show us God’s Heart so that we may have faith to trust in Him. Through the readings, God fills our hearts with hope and joy.

3. Bible Study is Communal

It is much easier to understand the Bible if studied as a community through sharing insights and answering questions together. A Biblical Counseling degree with peers can give you insights that will provoke deeper understanding and reflection.

4. The Literary Context is Key When Studying the Bible

The Bible is organized systematically, and each part bears a specific meaning. When studying the Bible, you need to understand why the author placed those particular thoughts there. You need to understand each paragraph and section and see how they relate to the book’s overall flow.

5. Bible Study Involves Seeking Meaning

We honor God when we seek to deeply understand what his scriptures in the Bible mean. Remember, a divine author has influenced the human author, so understanding the intended meaning is very important.

6. Bible Studies Matter as Much as God

The Bible is God’s word to humanity and the world. Studying this Holy book means we want to listen to God’s valuable words to the world carefully. It means we want to thoughtfully think about what God is speaking to us.

7. Bible Study Needs Dependence and Diligence

We need to pray to God to open our minds for us to understand his words. Diligence comes from our will to read the Bible, while dependence comes from his guidance in the course of study.

8. Asking Questions is Crucial in Bible Study

Asking fruitful questions during Bible study gives you progress in your endeavor. This includes asking the meaning of words, aim or intentions, author’s thoughts, and connection to the whole book.

9. We Study the Bible to See God

We study the Bible to have a clear glimpse of our Savior since we have a foggy vision of Christ. A Biblical Counseling degree can help you see Jesus clearly and be like him through God’s glory.

10. Bible Study Gives True Flourishing

Studying the Bible will help us flourish in different ways, such as happiness and blessings. A person who thoughtfully studies the Bible is “like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither” (Psalm 1:3).


If you want a Biblical Counseling degree, you may have many questions about the scriptures that need answers. Studying the Bible and seeking God’s guidance is the best way to understand God’s words to humanity.