Why Are Concrete Buildings Better Than The Wooden?

The latest trend in American civil engineering for homes would be concrete buildings. At Concrete Contractors in Raleigh NC we are licensed to design and build concrete homes. We have great experience in building residential and public or government buildings with concrete blocks. However, lately, people have demanded many new constructions to be made with concrete and stainless steel. That happened mostly because of the elevating lumber prices that have affected the housing process as well.

Today we will examine the reasons why concrete buildings are a lot better than wooden ones. Even though their budget seems identical, you still have to pay a little more to have a concrete house. Your civil engineer needs to do many more studies and take some more permits from the local government to ensure that your house would be safe for use. Let’s take a look at the list we have done so far about the benefits of concrete houses against the traditional wooden ones.

They Last Longer

Concrete is hard as a rock. That makes concrete buildings last longer. They are not affected by any severe weather. Especially when you cover their external surfaces with stucco, these buildings are more likely to live forever without a radical renovation. The same doesn’t apply to wooden homes, which are by far more vulnerable to water and moisture and can need a serious reconstruction after a few years or decades of use.

Homes made from concrete are easier to build and plot since many people can help, and there is no need for professional lumber technicians. They are the strongest homes you can shelter your family.

Concrete Is Tougher Than Wood

It is true that concrete resembles rock and is harder than wood. That makes concrete houses more resistant to pressure and collisions. Just imagine what would happen if a car collided with your wooden home. Today concrete homes create a protective shield for people living inside under any threats. Even when quakes happen, concrete houses have solid foundations to deal with extreme pressures. It’s always safer to stay in a well-designed concrete house than living in the uncertainty of wooden constructions. 

Concrete Buildings Can Be Built on Any Terrain

Wooden houses are not easily built on any terrain. That happens because they don’t have such deep and dense foundations as concrete houses do. Most of the modern concrete residential properties have basements that further get their foundations to the ground. That makes it easier for you to dig deeper and remove any stones or water underneath your house. Then placing your concrete house on top is an easy task that gives you more efficiency and stability.

Wooden Homes Get Attacked By Pests

Pests may indeed attack your wooden homes and make you wonder what is happening underneath your floors. The same is not valid for concrete houses with solid rock walls, and there is no chance for pests to attack and penetrate. For every person that lives in the south and has issues with pests in his lot, it would be better to think about investing in a concrete house without any second thought.

Concrete buildings have been expanding their presence in rural America. For years in bigger cities, that type of construction has become popular for its strength and durability.