Secure Your Future with a Pole Barn: An Investment That Keeps On Giving

When you are looking to construct a farm building, you will realize that pole barns are the best framing systems you can ever have. They are affordable, quick to build, versatile, and use less material.

You deserve to spend your hard-earned money appropriately on any building project. You must work with a reliable builder to realize your dreams cost-effectively. Wapiti pacific contractors have very reputable pole barn builders in Vancouver, WA, who build pole barns for all the clients who want to add affordable and durable buildings. Below are the tips that will guide you as you make this investment.

Plan in Advance for your Project

Before you build a new pole barn, you will need to have a well-laid-out plan to make the project a success. Follow the following steps as you plan for your post-frame building.

  • Obtain a Building Permit

Some municipalities give restrictions on where you should or should not build. You need to know the restrictions that are not in your building permit, as that information will help you prepare the building site as you decide where to place overhead doors.

  • Prepare the Building Site

Site prep is the process that enables you to figure out if there are any site complications upfront so that you can address them before you begin the actual construction process. You need to be aware of the setback and easement requirements.

  • Flexible Building Schedule

When you are rushing your builders to finish the project, you will need to pay additional charges for the materials, shipment, and delivery, which will raise the cost of the entire project. Give your builder plenty of notice to avoid extra charges.

Preparing your  Building Site

Proper site preparation saves you time and money. Determine building location and elevation by considering the flow of equipment and people, especially when planning for multiple buildings.

Consider how your builder will access the site in terms of having enough room to deliver the materials or if the site has debris that could cause the builders’ equipment to get stuck. You also need to keep a clear and dry perimeter that will make it easier for the construction crew, materials, and equipment to move swiftly. Remember to prioritize getting a builder who values safety to protect your investment.

Construction Start Date

Take advantage of the winter season, as lumber and steel prices are historically lower, making you more economical. Also, builders have a lower backlog at the beginning of the year, enabling them to be more flexible to get on-site faster and meet your time frame.

Your crew size depends on the pole barn size. If yours is a small residential building, 3-4 men are efficient. Larger farms and commercial buildings require 4-10 men.

Determine the Right Pole Barn Size

To decide on the appropriate pole barn size, ensure you have predetermined what you will store in the pole barn, both currently and in the future.  You need to note that the length, width and height play a crucial role in determining the building price.

Get a builder who will stay within the industry norms. And use the preset recommendations to give you a cost-effective pole barn within your budget.

Reduce added Building Features

Minimize the added building features to make your project cost-effective. Some of those features are good as they make the pole barn stand out, but sometimes they do not serve the purpose. Here are features that may need to be revised and could stretch your budget further than expected. Leaving them out would be a good idea.

  • End wall overhangs
  • Foundation types
  • Porch
  • Cupolas
  • Wainscot upgrades
  • Extra windows

Phase out any Interior Work

It is usually easy to rack up the bill by finishing the interior of the pole barn, but you don’t have to don’t everything at once. When you are on a budget, it is important to understand that some things can wait to get done later.

Here are the options you can phase out for later if you are on a stretched budget: Interior linear packages, pouring concrete, and interior deck system. Inform your builder about this in advance so they can plan for it at the beginning of the project.

Following the tips outlined above will enable you to keep your pole barn on a budget, but then you need to make plans for your overall design. Most clients are indecisive when picking the most appropriate design option. Call on us because we are ready to guide you in decision-making.