Pros and Cons of Flatbed Trucks

Pros and Cons of Flatbed Trucks

The process of delivering goods from one point to another is not as simple as it seems. It encompasses copious operations. It’s necessary to pick up proper vehicles, organize sufficient storage, make up the most optimal routes, and settle the documentation matter. For inexperienced entrepreneurs, one of the most complicated issues is choosing the needed mode of transportation. 

These days it’s possible to deliver your cargo by road, rail, or air. If you choose the first option, another problem arises. You have to decide which type of vehicle is the most appropriate for your order. Competent freight forwarders are ready to help you to make the right choice. It’s necessary to take into account the size, weight, and dimensions of the cargo. The greater part of shippers uses flatbed trucks. Yet, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best solution for your case. You find the main advantages and disadvantages of flatbed trucking below.

A flatbed truck is a large vehicle with a flat body. It has no sides or roof around the bed. It’s a perfect variant for heavy load transportation. The typical sizes of standard models are the following:

  • Length.

The most common variation is 48 feet. Sometimes 53 feet models are used; 

  • Width.

Trucks come in 8 feet, 6 inches format. It’s worth mentioning that models with longer width are also possible. Yet, to use such trucks, it’s necessary to get a special permit; 

  • Weight Capacity.

You can transport cargo with a weight of up to 48,000 lbs. 

Significant Advantages 

It’s a perfect solution for those business owners who deal with oversized, wide, and indelicate items such as machinery, building supplies, or versatile equipment. You can hardly find a better alternative for the distribution and logistics of building materials, tire bales, or metal removals.  

The next significant feature you can’t but appreciate is the easy loading procedure. It’s possible to load the needed items with a tractor or forklift from the side in no time. It helps to reduce the total shipping time. Moreover, it creates operational efficiency in the supply chain.

Flatbed trucks are so popular among freight forwarders not only because they are able to transport lots of items per one haul. They are characterized by low maintenance and overall costs. Moreover, less cleaning is required.   

Noteworthy Disadvantages

This type of vehicle should not be used when shipping fragile and valuable items. Although all the objects are carefully enshrined and secured, the peculiarities of the van do not allow to fully avoid shaking and buffering. Therefore, fragile items can be damaged.    

At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that flatbed trucks are often used for FTL mode of transportation. It means they are not proper for expedite transportation where more compact and portable vehicles are used.

So, it’s up to you to decide whether a flatbed truck is a good solution for shipping your cargo or not. Yet, it’s better to consult with experienced freight forwarders. They help you to plan the shipping process and hire the best trucks.