Moving In: 9 Reasons to Move to Inner West

Finding a place to relocate to can be difficult, and there are many factors you need to consider before making your decision. Among the many cities and towns in Sydney, there is one district where many families and individuals move to – Inner West. We’ve listed nine reasons why many people from all over Australia and the world flock to the Inner West.


The Inner West over the years has become one of Sydney’s go-to places for a lot of people, Australians and foreigners alike. In fact, 38% of the population speak a language other than English at home. This diverse population will make anyone feel welcome. Plus, you’ll get to experience cultures and taste food other than your own in the Inner West.

Growing real estate industry

A common misconception about Inner West is that houses in the area are expensive. That may be true, but compared to other areas, prices of real estate in the Inner West are lower. The median house price in the Inner West amounts to $700,000, and you’ll have access to government grants if you’re a first-time home buyer.

Ideal for career growth

Inner West’s proximity to the CBD provides plenty of opportunities for career-centred people. In addition, the district is becoming the “second CBD,” with over three hectares of office space for businesses. This means that start-ups and other organizations can set up in the Inner West, a perfect place to expand your network and further your career.

Green spaces

Living in the city is more relaxed and comfortable when surrounded by plenty of green spaces. Inner West is home to diverse green spaces such as fields, playgrounds, and parks. You can have picnics with your family, take a stroll with your pets, or even ride your bicycle in these spaces. Get a breath of fresh air and have relaxing days whenever you want to.

Wildlife in the city

Even when you’re living in the city, it’s always nice to be able to connect with the outdoors and local wildlife. Inner West has a variety of wildlife centres you can visit. All of these centres have wildlife ranging from lions, elephants, primates, and even native Australian animals. You can explore wildlife in these places and observe animals’ natural behaviours.

Affordable homes for first home buyers

Buying your first home is difficult with the growing prices of real estate. The NSW government responded to this concern through its First Home Owners Grant. The Grant, capped at $600,000 for new homes and $750,000 for builds, intends to make housing affordable for first time buyers, both for individuals and families.

Inner West Council

Neighbourhoods become a community and a great place to live when there are people working together for its betterment. In the Inner West, you can see its council proactively implementing programs to improve the district’s well-being. The Council has programs promoting sustainability and green energy, as well as for businesses. All of these programmes make Inner West a continuously developing community.

Sydney Olympic Park

People looking for homes without the hassle can find their place in Sydney Olympic Park. As of this date, the Park is home to over 24,000 individuals of different backgrounds. The Park is where you’ll find almost everything, from dining places, to supermarkets, to the Bicentennial Park nearby.

There’s no place like Inner West

People who move out of the Inner West often regret doing so. According to them, there’s no place like the Inner West. The district provides them with a sense of community, as well as plenty of career growth opportunities, which they can’t find anywhere else. So, they end up going back to the Inner West.

Having a place you can call home is one of the joys in life that you wouldn’t miss. In choosing your new home, you have to consider a number of factors. The ones we mentioned above are not enough to describe Sydney’s Inner West, but it’s enough to make you make a move to the Inner West.