Exante reviews 2022 about the advantages of working with the company

One of the most frequently described features of the trading platform by traders is its exclusive accounts. Exante Broker has a single multicurrency account, with the help of which working with different currencies becomes much easier and faster for clients than having several accounts for each type of frequently used currency. Multicurrency accounts have more than twenty such accounts, which means that you can deposit money into any of them or exchange the main currency unit for a more convenient one. Auto-conversion not only facilitates trading lookmovie.com, but also allows you to always use up-to-date data for exchange.

Demo account as an auxiliary account: necessary or not

Every trader can decide for himself whether he needs a demo account or not; it is not obligatory, but definitely not superfluous. In addition, there is no need to pay for its maintenance, it does not incur losses even in matters of replenishment, as the balance is supported by virtual euros. All you need to know about it is in the article of the website or in the EXANTE brokerage reviews of the clients who are already familiar with it.

A demo account is preferred by novice investors, for whom it is useful as a training and familiarization tool. After opening such an account, you can study the sections of the trading platform, not only visually, but also experiment with them. For example, choose one of the financial instruments from the financial catalogue, which contains over 300 thousand instruments, then find a suitable international market – more than 50 are freely accessible, and then open an order and make a transaction.

If you have never traded before, you should work more productively with your demo account, and if you run out of a million virtual credits before your enthusiasm runs out savefromnet, you just need to renew your balance.

Additional features of the trading terminal

Certainly accounts are very important, but the quality of service and financial terms are just as important. The following can be said about the service on the platform:

  • Support service without weekends or interruptions, always responds without delay, provides an informative response;

  • A personal manager can be assigned to any client, all you need to do is to inform him/her about your wish to receive consultations;

  • The staff uses the ten most common languages in communication for customer convenience;

  • Operational units keep their doors open to customers, their staff is always ready to help, answer questions and provide the necessary information!

With over 400 professionals on staff, all customer service and contact is top-notch.


Exante financial terms suit even picky and thrifty traders. They like the fact that they do not need to worry about commissions, of which there are only two types – for withdrawal of funds and for conducting a deal, and the margin requirements cannot be called unrealizable. All you need to know about them is in the tool’s settings, and securities will be an excellent guarantor of any transaction.