Desktop Publishing: What Is It and What Can It Do for You?

When you think about it, desktop publishing is a popular term. It is a term most of us have heard, but what exactly constitutes desktop publishing, and why are people switching to it instead of traditional publishing houses? Read on to learn more about desktop publishing and its various features.

What is Desktop Publishing?

Desktop publishing is the process of producing and editing layouts for various types of print media such as newspapers, magazines, books, etc. with the help of desktop publishing software, the process of self-publishing has never been easier. The publishing software is of two kinds – Electronic and Virtual pages.

The Virtual pages software designs the written media as it is to be consumed in printed form. Electronic pages make the layout as if the media is to be consumed virtually via websites or ebooks.

What Can Desktop Publishing Do for You?

If you are looking to avail of desktop publishing services via professional help, given below is a list of reasons why to use digital publishing software:

Offers A Variety of Tools

Desktop publishing software offers its consumers a variety of tools, such as the layout tool or the text tools, in order to make the process of layout generation easier.

Printing Options

A desktop publishing software allows its user to reach their target audience, and in order to make their job less hectic they have printing options, that gives them a better outlook of the result.

Sharing Options

Software for desktop publishing allows the publisher to share their work in an easier and virtual format. Moreover, in the case of editing, the software also allows the consumers to make changes to the document entirely.

Editing Tools

The software includes various editing options in order to successfully and easily deliver the kind of content ordered by the client. Bigger companies usually tend to hire desktop publishing services in order to seek a more professional point of view.


As mentioned before, desktop publishing can be done through both virtual and electronic mediums. The software also prints out material for magazines, newspapers, articles, etc.

Cost Efficient

As compared to traditional publications, it is no doubt that hiring a desktop publishing software or service is effectively going to be less in cost price with similar, customizable results.


Due to the usage of desktop publishing software, authors, and writers have more of a creative say that is otherwise lacking in traditional publications. Desktop publishing also adds a personal touch to print media.  An individual should also try to incorporate animation services into their digital magazine in order to boost creativity.

The Difference Between Desktop Publishing and Traditional Forms of Publication

One might wonder, by now, why desktop publishers are a growing choice instead of traditional publications. Given below are the key different yet collaborative party planning.

Desktop publication Traditional publication
Easily accessible One needs to typically visit a traditional publication to book an appointment.
Paves the way for self-publication Is published by the company
Manual work Here, the customers are provided with a whole team in order to assist them in the publishing process.
Demands less money with the same amount of work and results. Typically demands more in terms of money.


Finally, individuals must seek out desktop publishing software in order to accomplish good results at a cheaper cost. The diversity of the software provides its consumers with a list of options and tools that help the individual to print out or virtually consume media to its full extent with good quality and the styles of edits.