Top 5 Best Masticating Juicers in 2020 Reviews- Buying Guide

Masticating juicers unlike the centrifugal ones work with fast speed rotating blades to cut the fruits or vegetables before spinning them against the filter, this type works by crushing and pressing the fruits or vegetables to release the juice. That is the reason you will find them suitable for juicing green leafy vegetables. On the list below, you will find the top 5 best masticating juicer reviews that you can use to select your favorable choice:

Benefits of masticating juicers

There are so many benefits of having the best masticating juicer and just to mention a few, they are the best for juicing leafy green vegetables, they work quietly, and are highly versatile as discussed below:

Best for leafy greens

If you are looking for the best juicer that would yield the best juice with the leafy greens, then you should go for the masticating type. Of course, the yield would be better due to the mechanisms and how the product operates to crush and press the greens to release juice. Unlike in the case of the centrifugal juicers that spins to cut and then to extract, the yield can be low. Therefore, for better yield with the leafy greens, this type is the best.

Quiet operation

Unlike the case if the centrifugal juicers that tend to produce a lot of noise, the masticating type or rather this one come with quiet operation and therefore, if you want to operate in a noise-free environment, then masticating juicer is the best choice.

Highly versatile

Perhaps you want to use the juicer for other things like homogenizing of food, making butter, paste and sauces, ice cream, and fruits sorbets, a masticating juicer is the best idea. Of course, you cannot achieve all that with the centrifugal juicer and therefore, if you need a highly functional and versatile juicer that will make you achieve all that which we have mentioned, then masticating juicer is an option.


  • Price is a bit high
  • Slower than the masticating juicers
  • It takes longer to clean

Top best masticating Juicers on the market

If you are specifically looking for the best masticating juicers, then you should focus on this part. Here, you will have the best selection of juicers from the same type and hence can be easy for you to make your choice. Therefore, the following are the best masticating juicers/extractors that you ought to consider if you are looking for one of the sorts. The juicers include:

Omega Juicers Vertical Masticating Juicer W/Tap VRT400

masticating juicer

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Whether you are a beginner or a professional in juicing industry, then you are all alike since this is the best masticating juicer that is the best for you both. The product comes with innovative design making it effective and very efficient juicer for everyone’s juicing needs. The best thing that I have found out about this product is that it does not jam like the others that you can find on the market. Some of its advantages include:

  • Easy to set up
  • Does not jam
  • Comes with the best strainer & auger
  • Comes with a handy juice tap

Natalie Styx Masticating Slow Juicer

best masticating juicer

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This is also one of the best masticating juicers that come with the best and wide feeding chute making it the best for fresh and easy juicing. The juicer is easy to clean and assemble as one of the features that you ought to benefit since you will find it the best for use and for cleaning after use. The powerful motor that comes as part of the built-in designs makes the product work fast hence faster results. Its advantages include:

  • Powerful and strong motor for faster results
  • Wide chute for easy juicing
  • Rotating cleaning brush for easy cleaning
  • Silent operation
  • Comes with smooth and sorbet strainer

Tribest Slowstar Vertical Masticating Juice Extractor

best masticating juicer machine

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Tribest brand brings one of the best masticating juicers or juice extractors that comes with a dual-blade auger and hence makes the juicer faster. Therefore, if you are looking for a faster juicer, I would recommend this type since I have the assurance that it comes with the speed that you want. The product is the best for both beginners and professionals, and some of its advantageous features include the following:

  • Powerful and efficient motor for faster results
  • Vertical design to save on space
  • Comes with the best juice cap hence collecting your juice is easy and convenient
  • Mincing attachment make the juicer versatile and hence the best food homogenizer among other things

Chefmos Masticating Slow & Cold Press Juicer

best masticating juicer machine

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This juicer is everything that you need for professional juicing. If you are looking for the best masticating juicer or the best juice extractor machine for your home or commercial purpose, this is the option that you should not hesitate to purchase. Some of the advantageous features that come with this best masticating juicer include the following:

  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Higher yields and dried pulp
  • Better nutrient value juice
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to use
  • Healthy, safe, and certified

SKG Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Masticating Juicer

best masticating juicer machine

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This low speed masticating juicer comes with a wide chute for feeding your veggies and fruits. With the anti-oxidation feature, the juice that comes from this extractor is far much more nutritious than the juice from the centrifugal juicers. Some of the benefits that come along with the features that form part of the design of this juicer include the following:

  • Easy to clean
  • Vertical and compact design saves space
  • Can accommodate large produce due to built-in wide chute
  • Comes with the best juice cap for collecting ready juice

With all the information above, you can find it easy to pick one of the best masticating juicers that is available at the best price you can afford.