Your Guide to Rider Safety: Riding Tips for Beginners

Motorcyclists love to ride on the open road. It feels like you are flying high above it all. But safety is important for everyone, no matter if they are a beginner or experienced rider.

This guide will provide tips to help keep riders safe as well as offer some useful information about the best motorbike insurance from Rabbit Finance rates and coverage so that if something does happen, you have peace of mind knowing that you were covered!

What to wear

Always wear a helmet when you ride your bike or scooter. It can happen anytime and anywhere even when you are not riding your bike or scooter. Wear the right safety gear so that if an accident does happen, you will be prepared.

Some motorcycle riders wear jackets with armor and padding. There are arm and leg protection too that can be easily removed when a rider doesn’t want to wear them.

How to stay safe on the road

To ride a bike, you should always keep your head up and watch what is happening. Put one hand on the handle and tap it to make sure you are still in control of the bike.  Always be aware of what is happening around you.

Some additional tips for riding are to always signal before changing lanes or merging in traffic, and make sure your tires have tread on them. You should also know how much fuel the bike has so that when it needs gas, you can stop by a station quickly and easily.

Tips for riding in different conditions

If it is raining, you should use your brakes more often. You should also try to keep the windshield clear so that you can see. When it snows, remember to use your brakes a lot and make sure that your tires have spikes or treads. ABS means not using brakes so hard, if possible during winter conditions.

Basic bike maintenance and safety checks you should do every time before riding your bike.

  • Before you ride a bike, always check the mirrors and signals.
  • Once on a bike, wear a helmet and gloves.
  • Be mindful of what’s around you at all times, even when stopped.

Common mistakes riders make that put them at risk of injury or death

  • Not checking the mirrors and signals before starting.
  • Wearing a helmet or gloves,
  • not paying attention to what’s around them at all times.
  • Some other common mistakes are riding too fast for conditions;
  • Turning without signaling; crossing over lanes without looking;
  • Forgetting about cars coming from behind you when making turns in traffic.

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating feeling, but it’s also dangerous. In this blog post we discuss how you can stay safe on the road and even share some of our favorite safety tips from other bikers who have been in your shoes before.  Motorcyclists should always know that their safety comes first so they enjoy every ride to its fullest. Have fun out there riders!