Window Decals– Know Your Options and Marketing Ideas Using Them

For multiple reasons, window stickers are not only used as a popular type of design but also for marketing your business. They look appealing and are versatile, grabbing your prospect’s attention and attracting them to your retail store. They also help in creating brand awareness if you know how to choose the right decals relevant to your business and use them appropriately. When it comes to retail window stickers, these are adaptable to diverse applications as well as environments.

According to an article published in Forbes, visuals help in building successful brand and customer connections.

Options for your storefront window stickers

Here are some of the best options for your window visuals:

Opaque and transparent stickers: Decals are meant for a more permanent marketing purpose compared to clings. These stickers have one kind of adhesive on the side and are usually thicker. Though these are more permanent, you can reposition them once sticking them on your store window.

Store decals are manufactured from low and high-tack that help in enduring variable levels of environmental pressure. Use some text on a transparent sticker for simple lettering or fill the decal background with an eye-catching design and color, or even a picture for creating perfect signage. You also have the liberty to use more than one design.

Frosted stickers: Did you know that you can use window decals that look like frosted glass? These items look just as etched glass and are meant for adding some subtle décor and privacy. These stickers add an elegant look to your store window and also add functionality. You can include frosted sticker stripes or even a block off a window subtly but show some brand taglines and visuals visible from the outside. It requires some design customization on your frosted window decal.

Perforated stickers: These decals serve as see-through stickers letting you look through your store windows from the inside. However, you can place your advertising elements on the sticker or announce a grand sale on the store’s outside.

The perforated decals are majorly used in car advertising to assure visibility even when driving. It’s not just used in cars but also in other vehicles such as vans for promoting products or services.

Marketing ideas to use window stickers the right way

Here are some marketing ideas that you can try with decals:

Brand your business: When your buyers enter your store, you want to give them a feeling that they are purchasing products from a reliable brand. So, design your window decal bigger with colorful designs and visuals to create the best impression on your potential customers.

Use Logo and slogan: The name of your business should be fully visible so that people know what store they are visiting or looking at. Include your brand logo and tagline on the sticker.

Use apt colors: You can print your decals in any color but make sure to use ones that are related to your brand and products.


Now that you know your window sticker options and marketing ideas, choose the best quality products for effective brand promotion.