What happens if staffing agencies do not use recruitment CRM software?

While an increasing number of recruitment firms have taken to using a good recruitment agency software to strengthen their hiring process and pipeline, there are still many agencies who are keeping to old work styles.

Such staffing agencies do not work with any type of recruitment CRM. Instead, they depend on keeping their data and reports in masses of Excel sheets and Word documents. These can be very cumbersome and time-consuming.

Recruiters have a lot to lose when they do not leverage the power of the best recruitment software for agencies.

Some of the core things they lose out on are –

  • Efficiency
  • Time
  • Quality candidates
  • Opportunities

Sticking to the old method might be good for a lot of things but when it comes to adapting to new ways of working, it is always better to test out the new before dismissing it. Modern technology is designed to help users get more results by exerting less effort.

So, all the time-consuming daily tasks can be completed efficiently and effectively by recruitment software leaving recruiters with more time to focus on other activities.

Candidate sourcing is at the heart of recruitment. Hiring companies use recruiting agencies’ services because they want the recruiter’s expertise and experience in finding skilled candidates as quickly as possible. To that purpose, recruiters have to network and cultivate professional relationships continuously. They must ensure that they find the top tier candidates before their competitors do.

But if staffing agencies and their recruiters continue to rely on old recruiting tricks and methods, they will easily lose out to the competition who have progressed on to utilise a robust recruitment CRM software system.

What next?

Agencies who want to step in as a challenger in this world of digital recruitment must find the best recruitment agency software. And what makes one CRM software the best? How can one find and buy the best recruitment software?

To start with, there is no single best recruitment software for agencies. The term points to understanding what the agency’s needs and challenges are and then to finding a recruiting platform that supports the business and compliments the company’s vision.

By utilising a good CRM software, recruitment agencies and their recruiters are enabled to get –

  • Strong talent pool
  • Quick placements
  • Competitive edge over rivals
  • Improved communication system
  • Better candidate experience
  • Easier remote recruiting
  • Smooth team collaboration

In today’s world, remote recruitment has become commonplace as has had the urgency to find top talents. The digital hiring process and the remote working environment have meant that team collaboration and communication may have been a struggle for recruiters. But for those who work with recruitment software platforms, it has become an indispensable tool for higher efficiency, better communication and collaboration in this remote recruitment phase.

It is the recruiter’s responsibility to ensure that candidate engagement and candidate experience are better than ever. These two factors can determine brand image which can also affect a recruiter’s reputation with potential clients in the future.

Therefore, recruiters must select the most suitable recruitment software for their agency. Careful research will show that the market leaders might have the best features, but it might not be the best match for the staffing agency in question. The most suitable CRM is the best one for the business.

Recruiters should take up offers of free demos, request client testimonials, read reviews, etc., to gain a better insight into the software and the vendors.