Vimage APK

While scrolling through social media, we are exposed to hundreds of pictures and videos every single day. Professional photographers and artists depend on the popularity of their accounts, and use them as a marketing tool to earn their daily bread. In order to make their accounts stand out, they use various tricks, and living photos is one of these. Living Photos are a hybrid of videos and photos, basically breathing “life” into your static pictures. Vimage APK is an app that allows everyone to make such living photos to gain clout on social media.

As you open the app, you will be given the option of going through a simple and concise tutorial, which is quite helpful to beginners. On the homepage all your creations are displayed vertically. If you scroll left, you are taken to a section called “Get inspired”, where you can take inspiration from thousands of other creators and artists. When you scroll to the left again, you are taken to a section called Contest, where you can submit your creations, and win in various competitions

It is very easy to make living photos using this app. You have to just click on the addition sign on the homepage at the right lower corner of the screen. This will take you to the gallery. Once you select the picture of your choice, you are first directed to choose the ratio of the image.

Features of Vimage APK

Vimage APK provides a great variety of features, to enhance your images:

Photo: gives you the basic choices of adjusting your picture’s brightness, saturation, contrast, color and many more.

Effect: is the best part of the app. You can choose from literally hundreds of different effects from various categories, to do such things like make steam come out of a picture of your new tea mug, or place flying bugs or birds on your pictures.

3D Zoom: allows you to make selected objects in your picture zoom in and out, thereby making them look alive. You can even select the speed at which the zooming in/out occurs.

Camera: provides you with many options of camera movements, whether is right to left or top to bottom and many more.

Magic Sky: you can change the boring old sky on your picture, with a moving sky of various colors, seasons and weathers.

Flow: gives movement to objects like water.

Stretch: stretches out parts of the image to give an illusion of movement.

Filter: an opportunity to apply filters on the images.

Text and Audio are some of the other cool features which helps you add text and sound to the image to give it a more realistic feeling.

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Download Vimage APK for Free

You can use AC Market app store to install this application on any Android phone. First download and install latest version of AC Market Apk. Then use its search to find this application. Click on “Free Download” to install this app for free. No need to register or login to use this application. Install and start to find new Android apps and games for free.