Update your home security to the next level

Home is the safest and most peaceful place for any people. It is a place where you can find yourself most comfortable. What if your home is not secure accordingly?

Most people stay at home and store their valuable goods in their home, so you should secure your home correctly with locks and other security equipment. Locks are the first step security system. Do you know how perfectly your locks protect you? in California, you can find the best Commercial locksmith in San Jose.

Commercial Locksmith services

Buddy locksmith is one of the most renewed locksmith service providers in the locality. This company can help you in installing, replacing, and checking your lock conditions.

 Another unique service from Buddy locksmith is mobile locksmith service.

What is a mobile locksmith service?  

Mobile locksmith service is a new and effective service. This service is a combined locksmith service. You can lock your whole business, home, and other security in a single cell phone. 

Cloud locksmith

Cloud locksmith is a system where you can control and check your home or business place security system using a cell phone. Buddy locksmith has an integrated approach where you can combine everything. You can know the persons inside your home and business place by using this system. You can lock or unlock your location with a cloud locksmith. This process is comparatively new and using IoT-based technology.

Master key service

Each of us knows about master keys. But a properly built master key can be a security master. You have several locks in your home, but it can be a hassle to use different keys for each of the waves at this time. Here master key can solve your problem.

If you have a business or office, it is essential to turn your place into a master-keyed place. This process will help you to make fulfilling security for your home. Sometimes your employees can have lost their keys, but having a master key can prevent further problems.  

Buddy locksmith can convert your home into a master home. This locksmith brand has one of the most advanced technologies of manufacturing master keys. You may be confused about what type of master key you need; you can consult with a buddy locksmith. This company will suggest you the best master key as per your need.

Hardware service   

Buddy locksmith is offering a complete package for installing, repairing locks. 

You can get different hardware regarding locks. Locks from every renowned brand are available in Buddy locksmith. So if you need heavy-duty locks or standard locks, a Buddy locksmith can supply and install the whole process for you.

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Panic bar

A panic bar or emergency exit service is an essential element for each of the homes. Emergency exit doors should have good built quality and a proper working system to work appropriately during an emergency.

Buddy locksmith is providing a high-standard emergency exit system for the customers. You can purchase a panic bar package and can enjoy a free lifetime repairing and support.

Buddy locksmith is manufacturing all of their locks and products, maintaining ADA. ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act. This act is for people who have disabilities. Buddy locksmith builds each of their products so that ADA complaints can use these locks easily.


locksmith service providers are inventing many new facilities for the users. Buddy locksmith is one of the leading locksmith companies that are working with new technologies. This locksmith service has fully automated its system. You can book a pre-consultation with Buddy locksmith via their website. So, don’t late to test your home security and upgrade your home security with the latest technology.