Types of Tables for every occasion

There are many types of tables for every occasion. Some people might not know that there are different types of tables, or may even be unfamiliar with the names for them. If you want to be more productive, your desk should have a specific type of table. If you are looking for a temporary or permanent solution for your office space, here is the list of different types of tables available: 

Round Table – perfect for intimate events

Round tables are a great addition to any event space, whether you need it for intimate events or small gatherings. Round tables add a degree of convenience and flexibility that rectangular tables cannot offer. There are many advantages to having round table seating arrangements at your next party or gathering, such as more room for guests, flexible setups depending on the size of your group, and increased intimacy among guests by eliminating long benches perfect for conversation! 

Rectangular Table – best suited for formal dinners

A rectangular table is the perfect option for large parties and more formal dinners. Square tables are a good alternative for smaller gatherings but do not offer as much space to seat guests. Rectangular tables also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that suits your needs! If you’re on a budget, second hand tables are the way to go! A rectangular table is the best choice for large parties and formal dinners. This type of table is the perfect option if you’re hosting a dinner party with eight to ten guests, or need an elegant setting for your work holiday party. 

U-shaped table – if you want to divide the table into two separate sections

A U-shaped table is a great way to divide the table into two separate sections. This can be handy if you want to seat people in different groups or have some space for food and drink on one side of the table. The benefits of using a U-shaped table are that it keeps people at the same level so they don’t feel like they’re being talked down to or ignored. It also gives people enough room to pull up their chairs without feeling crowded by others on either side of them.  If you have two different groups meeting together, then this type of table will provide plenty of space for both sets of guests with its long length and width giving each group privacy while still allowing them to be close enough to talk throughout their meal.

Square Table – for limited space

Square tables can be a perfect option when space is limited and you need more than one. The tabletops are usually made of laminate, which comes in many bright colours and patterns to match any décor. This type of tabletop does not take up as much room as other shapes like round or rectangular do. It also provides an economical choice for those on a budget because it has no legs that need to be cut down, saving money on wood The slim design of the square table allows for better spacing between chairs and people seated at the table, making it easier to eat or work with others around you without feeling cramped. Square tables come in different sizes so they will fit into any sized dining area including apartments.

Banquet Hall Tables – ideal if you’re hosting an event

Whether you’re hosting a wedding or corporate event, renting banquet hall tables is an affordable and convenient option. Keep in mind that the dimensions of your table will depend on how many guests you plan to have. Banquet hall tables are a great option for events with over 100 guests. They provide enough space to seat large groups, and the banquet hall table is also perfect if you’re hosting a dinner party where everyone will be seated at one long table. If you’re not sure which type of banquet hall table size is right for your event.

 Dining table

A dining table is a centrepiece of any home. It can be used to host guests and family, or as a workspace for projects. The size of the room will determine what size you need. If your space is limited, consider an extendable table that expands to fit your needs. There are many different styles and materials available so it’s important to know what best fits your needs and style before making a purchase. Having a dining table in your home is important for many reasons. You can host family dinners, play cards with friends, or even take your work to do it! There are different styles of tables that you could choose from when looking for one. 

 Coffee Table

A coffee table may seem like a small thing, but it can make or break your living room. A coffee table is used for displaying decorative pieces and entertaining guests with food and drinks. They are typically the focal point of the room and provide an elegant space to set drinks, snacks, books, or anything else you want to have nearby while relaxing on your sofa. But not all tables are built alike. The three most popular styles include modern glass coffee tables with a chrome base, mid-century wood and metal coffee tables that give off a vintage vibe, and rustic reclaimed wood end tables perfect for someone who wants something natural in their home.

 Console Table

A console table is a long, low piece of furniture that is used in living rooms or hallways. It can be placed against the wall on either end of a sofa to create an informal dining space or it can be put at the foot of stairs for holding objects like flowers and mail.   It sometimes has shelving, drawers, or other features to make it more functional. A console table can also be placed against the wall in an entryway for decorative purposes if no other furniture is available. They’re great for smaller living spaces because they don’t take up any floor space and they provide additional storage. You can place them against the wall or at an angle so you still have room to walk around them if necessary.

Side Tables

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your space? Finding the perfect side table can be difficult. The best way to find what you want is by looking for tables that are similar to your current furniture. Side tables are perfect for any room, giving off an elegant finish with the right touch of class. With so many different styles to choose from, there is one out there just waiting for you. A great way to style your home is by adding side tables. Side tables are not just for holding decorative items or drinks, they are also functional pieces of furniture that can provide extra space to set down a drink or offer additional storage. 

End Tables 

A table is a piece of furniture that provides a surface for eating, writing, and other activities. An end table is a smaller type of table which typically sits at the foot of an armchair or sofa to allow people seated in these chairs to reach items on it without getting up. These tables are typically not large enough for dining but can hold books, magazines, drinks, food plates and small kitchen appliances such as blenders and coffee makers. End Tables come in different shapes including oval, rectangular and round. They also come in many colours from black to brown to natural wood finishes like oak or pine. 


 Tables are one of the most versatile pieces in a dining room’s furniture set. They can be used to seat people for dinner, work on homework, or even hold drinks at your next party! If you’re not sure which type of table is right for you and your space then this blog post should help. Here are three different types that will suit any occasion-dinner parties, homework nights with the kids, or hosting an evening gathering with friends.