Turning your backyard into a Beautiful Getaway – A KCJ Landscaping Guide

KCJ Landscaping the #1 professional and trusted landscapers in Dubai offers this guide for everyone who is ready to turn their backyard into a beautiful getaway. Ok let’s get started.

Everyone needs an escape from the everyday mundane lives, and people achieve this by having a getaway trip once in a while—all for that short term pleasure which comes with enjoying exotic sceneries and aesthetic locations.

Well, guess what! You no longer need to pack your bags every time you wish to spend some quality time at locations with marvelous views. You can have all that comfort at your home. With just some changes, you can turn our backyard into what one would call getaway heaven!

Furnishing is fabulous

Once you decide to add look and class to your backyard using furniture, the options are limitless. There is a wide range of furnishing decors available like traditional wood, cast iron, wrought iron, floor lamps, etc. You can even go for weatherproof furniture using patios.

Cooking under the sky

Who needs a trekking camp to have barbeque sessions with family and friends anymore when one can enjoy cooking under the sky in one’s own backyard, right? Just add a countertop for food preparation, a fancy grill, side burners, and a smart and elegant storage space, and you are all set to turn your regular boring nights into rocking bonfires.

Green is evergreen

Plants can never go out of fashion. Beautifully planned backyard with creatively using spaces for plant displays brings out the best look in your backyard. Carve out different activity zones in your backyard like dining, poolside setting, etc. and deck up these spaces using a pergola covered with luxurious vines.

You can even use extra spaces for gardening purposes, and your backyard will look nothing less than a beautiful landscape.

Light it up

Lightening, using artificial lights, and fire pits quickly create a feeling of comfort and improve the ambience of the housing. It is one of the soberest and elegant interior options. You can highlight your favorite backyard spots and bring out an aesthetic appeal in them simply by opting for lighting. You can also experiment with different types of lights and colors according to your mood, season, or occasion. Cool right?

Pools and Spas

We all remain forever excited to visit water parks and beaches to chill. You won’t need to plan such outings anymore when one can have a personal pool in their backyard itself. The backyard pool improves the view of the entire backyard. You can be as creative as you want with it by adding play zones for children or spa tables for the adults.