These Are the Health Benefits of Distilled Water

Did you know that there are over 90 contaminants that the FDA approves being in home water? While there are limits on what’s supposed to be there, having no contaminants is better than having traces of contaminants. 

Distilled water is one way of removing those traces of things you don’t want in your water. There are a ton of health benefits of distilled water, and it’s relatively easy to get set up in your own home. 

The Health Benefits of Distilled Water

One major advantage that distilled water has is that there’s almost nothing in the water. Because of the steaming process, most bacteria can’t stay in the water.

Distilling water is also the only way to ensure that there aren’t any microorganisms like parasites in your water. For people with compromised immune systems, distilled water is a must. While most water treatment facilities try to solve this problem with chlorine or other chemicals, it’s not as effective and can cause major issues for those at risk.

Speaking of chlorine, it’s important to know that it’s not necessarily the best for your body. While regulated levels of the chemical won’t harm you, it can be off-putting when it comes to the smell. It can also improve the taste since taste is based largely on smell. Nitrates are also absent in distilled water, which is a huge benefit for children and those who are pregnant.

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How to Distill Water at Home

To understand getting a distillation system for home use, you have to understand what distilled water actually is. A distillation system for distilling water, in essence, boils water. The steam from the water is trapped, and bacteria and minerals that were in the water get trapped with the steam. This means almost nothing is left in your water except for pure water.

There are plenty of distillation systems you can get, and you can even do this on a miniature level by boiling the water that you drink. In some areas of the world, this is a common practice. If you decide that you want to go through with that, then that’s fine—just make sure that you’re ready to prep your water like some people prep their meals. 

Keep in mind that, because all the minerals are caught in the steam as well, distilled water has a very bland taste. For those who are picky with water, you may want to invest in some type of flavor packets or some other way to spice up the taste of your water. 

The Reasons to Distill Water Are Clear

When it comes to the health benefits of distilled water, it’s too much to ignore. Now that you know how to distill your own water, you can set up your own distilling system with no problem!

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