The Path To Glory Event Has Arrived In FIFA 23

Path to Glory celebrates the World Cup with special FIFA 23 content such as dynamic items that develop based on their team’s performances in the tournament.

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FIFA 23 Path to Glory Event Details

The World Cup is a showdown between 32 national teams. The Path to Glory collection numbers 32 footballers. We have a player from each national team. These items are eligible to receive upgrades. The boost is applied depending on their teams’ performance during the World Cup. At the beginning of the event, each footballer has a base upgrade. It may receive more upgrades if their team advances to the next stage in the World Cup. Each time the team progresses to the Round of 16 and quarter-finals, the item gets a +1 boost. If the team makes it to the semi-finals, the item will get 5 stars in weak foot. Should the team compete in the finals, the player gets 5 stars in skill moves. If the team wins the World Cup, the footballer receives one more In-Form update. It will also get three select traits based on the position of the footballer. If the team is eliminated from the competition, the player doesn’t get any more updates. We can expect the updated cards to go live in the game after each stage of the competition. The updates will be applied throughout December. After the 3rd, the cards receive their Round of 16 boosts. After the 7th, we get the quarter-final boosts. The semi-final updates are after the 12th. Starting on the 15th, the final boosts go live. The winner upgrades happen starting on December 19th. Should a team make it into the Round of 16 after two group matches, the updates will be applied after November 28th. The card will get the boosts even if the footballer doesn’t take part in the games. There is no upgrade associated with the third-place Play Off. This means that the team has lost the semi-final game and it is leaving the competition. If the card already has 5 in weak foot and/or skill moves, it will receive a +1 In-Form boost.

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