The Multifaceted Role of Teacher

As we all know, education is an inevitable tool which provides people with knowledge, experience, information and many other things which plays a very crucial role in our life. It gives us an insight into the world around us and enables us to know our rights and duties towards family, society, and nation. To survive in this competitive world, the quality of education matters a lot.

Parents always want to equip their children with the best schools and universities. Well, the quality of education along with the best teachers is the most important factor of quality education. Teachers are the ones, who would be interacting daily with the children, and thus, plays an essential role in the development of young minds. It is not just a mere profession, it a responsibility of playing a multifaceted role in everyone’s life beyond teaching and involves shaping a child’s overall development.

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However, in ancient India, the system of education was ‘Gurukul’ and the teacher was called ‘Guru’. Under this system, a shisha or student lives in the residence of a guru and would acquire not only the subject knowledge but also the essential skills which are important for the development of personality. The bond between the shishya and guru was so sacred at that time, no fees were taken for the educational experience. The only thing that shishya had to offer was ‘gurudakshina’ as a symbol of respect and gratitude. This explains the true role of a teacher in everyone’s life.

Different roles of a teacher in a student’s life: 

Even today with technology being an integral part of society, the role of teachers is undefinable. They don’t just help in passing exams but also develop their creativity, analytical and social problem-solving skills, and development of overall personality.

Teachers, under the nature of their profession, acts as role models for their students. Some of the different roles played by them are as follows:

  • An Influencer: Next to parents, teachers are the ones who interact with us on daily basis and possess the reflective ability to influence children in every possible way. A good teacher always works on building the strengths of his/her students, while concurrently helping them to learn and work on their weakness
  • A Motivator: Whenever we fail in our life, teachers are always there to motivate us. They have faith in their students more than themselves and always give the needed motivation and spirit of encouragement in difficult times.
  • An Inspiration: A good teacher always inspires his/her students to do well and acts as a role model in their life. A good teacher always possesses dedication, patience, responsibility, and maturity acts as an inspiration to their students.
  • An Educator: It is the primary role of every teacher to educate their students well and make them about the importance of knowledge in our lives. A teacher’s right guidance and instructions act as a push in every student’s life while heading towards their dreams.

In today’s era, the medium of delivering education to students has changed a lot. The technology and digitalization of the educational sector made learning easy and interesting both for teachers and students by various tools. The best app to teach online acts similarly as a good educator in a flexible way by just getting information in one click.

In the pandemic times, online teaching through mobile helped students a lot in gaining quality education even by sitting at their homes. Traditional education was limited to several students but in e-learning, the best teachers from around the world are there for you to be your role model. In online teaching, you will find many teachers who are always up for extending support and guidance towards empowering everyone to their dreams.

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As there is a famous saying that, “Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.”  

Thus, we can conclude that teacher fills up many roles. Their role does not end with the end of the semester as they always help their students in passing every challenge towards their dreams. It is a noble profession that shares the knowledge and skills that everyone needs to survive in this world. They are always there to inspire, motivate and educate learners by showing the right path.

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