Small Business Security: 6 Solutions You Need

Small businesses are the backbone of the United States since they employ 59 million people. About 50% of small businesses are operated from home.

As a small business owner, then you might wonder about security options. This article will take a look at small business security options for your company to remain safe. Read on to explore these 6 solutions you need and feel secure today!

1. Surveillance

First, you’ll want to have surveillance cameras on the premises to scare off potential thieves. When protecting your business, you’ll want the cameras to be in a location where someone can’t disable or tamper with them. It’s best to have one that’s hidden and not easy to find.

A good surveillance camera location is one that can catch when a person is entering or leaving the location. You can choose whether the camera is always on, or if it only turns on when it senses motion. You’ll even have the option of receiving a phone or email notification when there’s movement when there shouldn’t be.

2. Mind Workstations

Make sure that you remove or disconnect any computers that aren’t being used. Lock the door of empty offices. This can include when an employee is out sick or at lunch.

Consider using biometric readers or smart cards for it to be more difficult for unauthorized users. You can also have them out of the view of your employees.

3. Protect Printers

Many printers store personal document contents on their memories. If a hacker accesses the printer’s memory, they can make copies of any recently printed items.

Bolt the printers down and ensure that they’re in a secure location. Consider the extra copies that employees make, and find out whether they’re on a desk or in the garbage.

Teach your employees to shred any unwanted documents. Even if they don’t think that the information is confidential.

4. Anti-Climb Spikes

Consider installing anti-climb spikes to deter thieves from climbing into your business. In order to remain compliant, you’ll need to have a notice stating that they’ve been installed. Anti-climb spikes are a legal option unlike razor wire or broken glass.

5. Encourage Staff

Encourage your staff to be mindful of any strange noises or faces they see. Teach them not to challenge anyone but instead to report any suspicious situations.

6. Have a Risk Assessment

Before you begin any new safety measures, it’s a good idea to do a risk assessment. This will tell you what areas are more likely to experience accidents, natural disasters, or crimes.

For busy streets, you might need shutters for the windows. For remote locations, you’ll want to consider surveillance systems. Come up with a solution as you research each area of your business.

Small Business Security Solutions

Now that you’ve explored these small business security solutions, you should have a better idea of what is right for your business. Don’t wait until something happens to protect your business.

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