Simple Ways To Get Rid of House Flies in Your House

House flies are the winged invaders that annoy with buzzing sound. People usually call fly management service providers to get rid of these little insects when infestation happens. It’s a nightmare that usually comes with a warning. Yes, you can actually prevent flies infestation if you are alert. There are warning signs that tell you if there is a problem, and measures to prevent them entering to your home.

Houseflies are not born in today’s time. These flies have been bothering people since long. These have been a part of many stories dating as far back as the Greek and Bible mythology. While these flies may not look dangerous but don’t take them lightly. Houseflies can transmit diseases including typhoid, leprosy, fever, and TB. So, you must be prepared to avoid a house fly infestation at all costs.

How to know if your home is having a fly problem?

If you see one- or two-house flies at your place, that may not be an alarming issue. But if you notice large amounts of flies buzzing around your place, or you found many dead flies inside then your home might be fly infested.

Houseflies love the environment where there is more light and water. You may see them buzzing over dustbins, gutters, light fixtures, mulch piles, and standing water. You may even find them feeding on kitchen spills and sliced fruits. If you see more flies in areas like these and dead flies around the house, you need to take strict measures to stop multiplication of the houseflies.

Ways to Control Houseflies Population

You need to find the source of the problem to solve the problem. Houseflies lay larvae or maggots in damp environment near a food source. Sometimes, you can even see them inside the open wounds of the animals, compost piles, or broken drain pipes. Once you see these pale larvae, pour hot water and a half cup of bleach over them as it will kill them (don’t perform this on open wound of an animal).

If you don’t find larvae, you can still prevent an infestation. Sanitize your home frequently. You must clean the areas that might have more water or food residue like spills or leaky pipes under the fridge. Keep the dustbins covered to prevent houseflies at first place. Seal all cracks in the doors and windows to ensure they won’t enter inside the house.

For flies that managed to enter inside your house, you can use sticky traps or a fly repellent. The houseflies may pose a threat of disease, but you can still manage the infestation with proper precautions and treatments.

Insecticides for Killing Houseflies

Insecticides are helpful in killing an existing fly population. The insecticides are available in different forms in the market – residual, aerosols, baits, and fogging materials. Many retailers are also selling fly lights with UV spectrum that trap flies inside. Fly glue traps are also popular among general households. People often buy them to get rid of houseflies.

How Sanitation Helps in the Case of Houseflies?

Sanitation is the best fly management strategy. The purpose of sanitation is to eliminate or prevent any medium where fly larvae can grow. Moisture plays critical role in fly breeding material. You must have good drainage system at your place.

  • Keep your dustbins clean. Use probiotic sprays over leftover organic debris in dustbins. Cover the trash and cans since flies are attracted to odor. Don’t keep your trash bins near the gate or window.
  • Fix your broken window screens and doors. Wherever possible, use mesh screens on openings within your house. Air curtains are designed to prevent fly entry.
  • Keep the yard clean and waste-free. Flies like to breed and lay eggs on pet waste due to moisture content.
  • You can always prevent drain flies becoming a problem inside your house by using treatment solutions. Many fly management service professionals use bio treatment gel to remove the leftover scum inside the drain.
  • Never overwater your indoor potted plants.

A female fly can lay over 900 eggs during 1-3 months of her adult life. These flies usually enter the house in search of food and are not picky eater. Flies are able to find food sources easily in domestic kitchen.

If not treated on time, house flies can infest your house and contaminate food and bring diseases. You can call fly management service providers in your local area to treat housefly infestation. Or you can do it at home by using soap and water to wash the infested area.

A trained pest control expert can easily locate the exact place where the flies have been laying eggs. Ultimately, they will find and clean the area with disinfectant. After cleaning all the larvae and eggs, they treat the adult flies and make your home flies proof.