Scholarship Program

Scholarship Opportunity for undergraduate students

This is a one-time partial scholarship to gather for tuition for deserving undergraduate student who will meet our requirements. It is fully based on merit and the student must pass out test to be awarded the scholarship. The amount that we are offering for a leading student is $2000. That is only meant to cater for the tuition fee as per policy regarding the program.

The aim of this scholarship is to promote development in the society. Therefore, we are awarding this scholarship mostly to students pursuing fine arts, IT, engineering, and finance.

Eligibility for scholarship

  • Student must pass our test as will be instructed later
  • A student should portray first hand creativity in dealing with issues
  • Student must be already enrolled as an undergraduate pursuing fine arts, IT, engineering, or finance. Students who have taken related courses will be considered as well.
  • Our selection mostly will be based on the score that a student will get from our test, and thereafter, any evidence of enrollment will be required for a winning student.

Scholarship amount

The amount for this scholarship is $2000.


The scholarship application runs from August 6, 2018 to April 6, 2019 where a winning student will be announced and communicated.


To participate, a student should write at least 1000 words on the topic, “our future growth relies on competitiveness, innovation, skills, and productivity” and submit to [email protected] before the said deadline. You can visit BestemsGuide if you have any question regarding the scholarship.