RNG – Random Number Generator (Guide)

If you have ever played online casino games such as video xo slot games, online bingo, scratch cards or many other available electronic titles that are around these days, where real life dealers or croupiers do not feature, then a random number generator will have been used to determine the results in these games. RNG offers a random generated result using an algorithm to help replicate a similar realistic live land-based experience that you can trust and enjoy.

What is RNG and why is it used?

For any online casino to feel and function like their land-based counterparts, random number generators or RNGs produce the random results that give you as the player that chance of winning against the house. A powerful computer program or algorithm that can produce vast sequences and pools of numbers which it can then select at random, one or many which then translate to recognisable results or outcomes for the player.

One reason online casinos use results from RNGs is so that each spin, dice rolls, cards dealt replicates a random instance that cannot be manipulated by the casino or you to gain an advantage and helps give you as the online casino player, an experience which imitates the random chance and thrill to win offered by a visit to a real land-based casino.

Is RNG really random, safe and fair?

The numbers that RNGs produce can never be truly random because the computer program powering the algorithm will follow certain instructions and procedures given by the software developers themselves. The program can select any collection of numbers in a sequence that will not be decipherable for the player and will randomly produce different outcomes of the game and appear as close to random as possible.

The safest way to play RNG games is at an online casino that holds a valid license from the trusted gambling authorities that verifies the software providers used on these sites are reputable and under fair play gaming standards. There are independent testing companies that vigorously test the software used in electronic machines for bugs and issues with fairness.

Algorithm software testing companies and RTP

Algorithm Testing is also a big part of making sure online casinos, their software and xo slot providers are acting under industry standards. A company called iTech Labs is one company used globally, supporting top game developers and some of the leading online casinos to ensure their games are truly random, safe, and produce fair outcomes.

Payout percentage reports for each playable game at online casinos will detail the overall RTP (Return to Player) percentage on their website, as enforced by the gambling authorities such as eCOGRA, the MGA, and UKGC. An RTP is typically around the 96% mark, so if a game is paying out less than 80% as an example, there could be an issue with the software being used.

Can a hacker affect the outcome of RNG?

RNGs before were previously susceptible and open to hackers who could have affected results, some reports of this in early online poker websites and xo slot sites. Now with technology far more advanced and engineered by market leading, well-established and trusted software developer companies, who use the highest level in network security meaning it would be difficult for hackers to access and change the outcome.

Hackers would also have to bypass the online casino security measures as well given they mostly use powerful firewalls and 128-bit financial grease encryption. As long as you play at a licensed casino or if the casino has no license but has games from reputable game developers, then the RNG is safe and fair.