Plant at Home: 5 Best Indoor Plants You Can Grow at Home

There are a lot of aspiring gardeners that were not given a chance to have an ideal garden. One of the reasons is the location of the house and its climate. The aspiring gardeners that are greatly affected by this are the ones who live in an Urban area. With that said, their best alternative is to plant indoor and add plants as an ornament complementing their house.

However, the most common problem right now is what to grow indoors as some plants may grow wildly, and instead of making them an ornament, they sometimes become a problem. If you also have this kind of issue, then you are not alone in this situation. With that in mind, here are the most indoorsy plants you can grow at home.

Curry Leaf Trees

If you think that Curry leaf trees are not the indoor type of plant, hold that thought because curry leaf trees can be grown as houseplants. This plant is famous because of how you can benefit from it in so many ways. From making them an ornament inside your house, adding them as unique ingredients to your meals, to the health benefits it will give you.

With that said, the health benefits you get from them contain Vitamins A, B, C, and E. They are also rich in amino acids, calcium, and fiber.  Not only that, but some people choose to plant Curry leaf trees for medicinal use because of how they can treat diarrhea, bruising, and any kind of stomach pain. So if you want an all-around win for a single plant, then grow your Curry leaf trees at home now.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is only scary by name, but it can surely provide many benefits when planting at home. It is only named snake plant because of its distinctive green banding feature along with its thin and upright leaves. Besides, snakes are sometimes believed to be a symbol of long life and good luck. In addition, snake plants are perfect for novice gardeners because they are low in maintenance, survive the drought,  and live in any environment.

Not only that, but what makes this plant almost always present in someone’s house is because it can absorb chemicals in the air like formaldehyde,  benzene, xylene, toluene, and trichloroethylene that can help you breathe easier. Basically purifies the air, so if you have friends or family members that are asthmatic, the snake plant can help them combat asthma.

Aloe Vera

We can never exclude Aloe Vera from the list of the best indoor plants you can grow at home. The reason is that most characteristics you look for in an indoor plant are present in aloe vera. If you want them as an ornamental plant, you can do so because they are a great companion placed on top of your working table.

Not only that, other gardeners highly favored aloe vera because of its uses. From healing burns, clearing acne, to improving your digestive system, you can never go wrong with aloe vera. That’s another all-around win for a single plant for you. Besides, they are an easy-to-grow plant; you only need to place them in a location where there is partly shade of the sun, and you are all set.

ZZ Plant

ZZ stands for Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, and they are famous for their broad, dark green leaves, which are very attractive and would surely be a head-turner in your home. Not only that, if you put them where there is partial sunlight, their waxy leaves reflect sunlight which will brighten your room or wherever you put them. So imagine planting numerous ZZ plants in your home; they will surely leave a wow factor when hit by sunlight.

Another reason why you should grow ZZ plants in your home is that they are low in maintenance. How low? Too low that sometimes they are called neglect tolerant. Meaning if you forget to care for them, they can still survive. In addition, ZZ plants are drought-tolerant. However, it would still be best to water them at least three times a day to achieve their best potential.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are so named because of their arachnid feature that looks like a spider on a web. Of all the indoor plants mentioned above, the spider plant is the most adaptable and easiest to grow. How easy and adaptable? They can grow in any condition with a minimal problem of maintaining them, especially when you’re hanging baskets are placed in bright light but no sun.

In addition to planting your spider plant at home, it’s a good idea that your soil is well-drained as spider plants don’t like too much wet or too dry. Furthermore, spider plants are fast-growing plants, so you will always need new pots. In the light-matter, you can share them with your planting friends.


There are many indoor plants you can grow, whether for medicinal purposes or an ornament for your home. However, those mentioned above are the best ones and must-try plants indoors. It would be best to share this with your planting friends so you’ll have someone to accompany you when you plant them.