Maintenance for Exotic Hardwood Decking

Keeping your hardwood decking looking great can be a challenge if you don’t stay on top of proper maintenance. And, neglecting its upkeep can end in costly repairs and professional services if you aren’t careful.

Thankfully, all that can be avoided with just a few easy DIY deck care tips. Keep reading for all the insider info, made simple!

Why Exotic Hardwood?

If you opted for exotic hardwood decking, you’ve already made a sizeable investment in your home’s curb appeal, value, and comfort. And, with proper cleaning and maintenance, the deck of your dreams could last a lifetime! 

These materials are nearly as solid and damage resistant as the most rigid composite decking. In fact, if well looked after, these tough as nails wood types could last for as long as a century. Plus, they look amazing.

Teak, Ipe, White Ash, Cambara, Tiger Wood, and Cumaru are all popular options. Be sure to research different styles and finishes before making a final selection, as each of these lovely natural substrates carries its own unique charm and characteristics. 

Careful Cleaning

Potentially the most essential step when caring for your domestic hardwood decking is proper cleaning.

For the most gentle and deep clean, you should use a pump sprayer filled with high-quality wood cleaner. Select a product that contains oxygen bleach for the best results. You’ll also need a soft-bristled “deck brush” and a garden hose. 

Using a pressure washer can damage your deck if you aren’t careful. And it isn’t advised. But, if you must use one, minimize the risk of damage by using a pressure setting lower than 3,000 psi, selecting a fan-tip nozzle that is fifteen degrees or wider, and using proper technique.

Keep your nozzle at least a foot from your deck’s surface, and keep your spray moving at all times. 

Proper Maintenance

If your deck is suffering from scratches and scrapes, don’t worry. You can easily buff these out with a gentle palm sander and 80-grit paper.

After sanding a hardwood deck, it’s essential to brush any dust away with a dry cloth, and then apply penetrating oil. Exotic hardwoods can also be painted, offering a stunning contrast against surrounding natural wood grain. Maintaining this surface follows the same procedure, just with paint instead of oil.

No matter which finish you prefer, weatherproofing is an essential step. And, not just any product will do. Visit for a selection of high-quality sealants and deck-care products.

Proper Care for Hardwood Decking

Now that you’ve learned a bit about the basic maintenance you’ll need to keep your hardwood decking looking good; you’re probably excited to get started. Congratulations! Reading this article could help preserve your deck’s value, help your home look great, and save you a ton of money. 

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