Learn how you can become an engineer in a stepwise process

Engineering is a very popular academic choice of aspirants. Most of the decisions made are based on peer pressure and a go-with-the-flow mentality. These days, the scenario is changing. After completing the board exams, students indulge in finding the right information from the engineering colleges in Delhi and then choose a course suiting their passion. In India, becoming an engineer is not an easy task. One has to go through a stringent course of 4 years and study relentlessly to become an engineer. Let us check how you can fulfill your dreams.

Guide to become an engineer

Studying a bachelor’s course in engineering requires a few criteria to be fulfilled. The aspirants will have to score a certain percentage of marks in the Higher Secondary Exam and score well in the entrance exams. The fresher candidates will then get a chance to apply for the counseling part in the engineering colleges in Gurgaon and then choose their respective streams.

On the other hand, the diploma holders in particular engineering streams can enter the bachelor’s level of education by meeting the eligibility criteria for lateral entry in engineering colleges.

Let us check what you need to do to become an engineer.

  • Complete Higher Secondary schooling

The first step is to complete your Higher Secondary level schooling. Make sure you have a good grasp of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Your knowledge level will influence your performance in the entrance exams conducted nationwide. Study the syllabus well and grab hold of the new concepts you have learned in these subjects. You will need this knowledge to study a course in one of the engineering colleges in Delhi.

  • Entrance exams

You will get a national platform to prove your intellect, score well, and get a chance to participate in the counseling process. Practice often, give mock tests and prepare your mindset accordingly. Your score will decide what level of the institution you can access for admission.

You will find the national level and state level entrance exams conducted every year. The aspirants take these exams to test their competency level. The score will help them to find out which engineering colleges in Gurgaon they can put on the list.

  • Counseling and admission process

This is a very crucial stage in the academic life of an aspirant. You must jot down the colleges you can apply for after comparing your score. Find out the admission process of every college on your list. Check the application process and keep an eye on the dates. You should not miss a chance to sit in the counseling process of the top options on your list.

For the diploma degree holders, the process is entirely different. They can either sit in an entrance exam conducted for diploma candidates or can seek direct admission to the engineering colleges in Delhi. Check the options and take a step accordingly.


This is how you can get admitted to one of the engineering colleges in Gurgaon and complete a degree course. This is how you can become an engineer.