Laser marking solutions for metals

Reliable and permanent

In device production excessive portions of steel elements want to be marked with UIDs, barcodes or 2D-codes to make sure traceability. Serial numbers, time stamps and organization trademarks also are frequently required. The marking ought to be resistant and resist mechanical pressure and climate influence. For a massive variety of additives or work pieces marking instances are crucial and a quick approach like laser marking is good for the task. Depending at the fabric the perfect marking procedures may be annealing, sharpening and deep engraving. For example, chrome steel may be laser marked via annealing without leaving a tangible melancholy at the floor. With Trotter laser marking systems, a wide range of metals can be marked, from smooth metals like aluminum to extremely hard alloys.

Flexible and environmentally pleasant

High velocity steel marking is likewise especially beneficial for marking equipment and precision equipment like turning, milling and drilling equipment. A laser marking gadget gives the ability to mark even very small and best systems with exceptionally legible and sturdy markings. The touch and chemical unfastened laser era guarantees that there aren’t any any adjustments in mechanical homes and put on and tear is stored to a minimum. The laser beams because the maximum entire device for any steel or alloy guarantees an environmentally pleasant and reasonably priced production. High contrasts may be done via a mixture of annealing and sharpening. For example, barcodes and texts may be annealed and the heritage polished for max legibility.

Durable and biocompatible

Various metals which include chrome steel, excessive alloy steels, titanium and titanium alloys are utilized in clinical engineering for clinical devices in addition to implants. These want to be marked with inside the maximum best and require reproducibility of the marking. Unlike different traditional techniques Laser marking on metals guarantees that UDI codes and serial numbers which can be required with the aid of using regulation in clinical engineering are marked without inflicting any harm to the floor shape of the fabric. As there aren’t any any depressions in any respect with inside the fabric, no germs can settle with inside the fabric and the marking continues to be legible even after lots of cleansing procedures. Thus, the annealing technique allows for markings that can be used for traceability of goods to be resilient and biocompatible.

Suitable laser answer

Within the huge product variety of the Speed Marker Series you’ll discover the perfect laser marking gadget that meets quality your requirements. These machines are introduced with the perform ant Speed Mark laser software program for bendy and dependable commercial packages and environments and are best for excessive-velocity laser marking excessive portions in diverse shapes and sizes. Just ask our group of laser specialists approximately the bendy answer on your marking task.