How to Keep Your Mattress Clean

A mattress can be an investment. When you get a good one it should last your for many years, but it does need looking after. As well as investing in mattress cleaning North York services around once a year, this also means doing what you can to protect it and prevent it from getting stained, dirty or damaged. Follow the tips below and you will save money in the long term as you will not have to replace your mattress too quickly.

Get a top mattress cover and protect it

A great start to a new mattress purchase is to also purchase at the same time a top-quality mattress cover. It is a great way to protect it from everyday use that can lead to wear and tear and a build-up of dirt. The thing about mattresses is that any kind of moisture is a bad thing. Even if you set a rule not to eat and drink in bed to avoid spills and stains, people sweat as they sleep. In fact, an estimated half a pint of sweat is lost every night and where does that go? Your clothes, your bedding and of course, your mattress. That is why after a year you need deep mattress cleaning Toronto expertise. That sweat builds up. But if you use a good quality mattress cover it can catch some of that and reduce what gets the mattress. Top mattress covers are a lot more affordable to replace than the mattress.

Keep your mattress dry

It is important that should any excess moisture get onto the mattress that you do what you can to soak that up before you clean it. Use material to blot the liquid to soak up as much as you can. You can then apply something like a good quality fabric cleaner on the area but take care of how much liquid you use, the force you use and always make sure it’s completely dry before you sleep on it. Open a window, turn on the fans. You do not want to add mould and rot to the problems you have with the mattress. This is bad for your health. Some people, once the mattress is dry, will then sprinkle a little baking soda over the area and wait for a day then vacuum it up. This is because baking soda is great for getting rid of odours.

Rotate and flip

Mattresses get a lot of use and abuse so it is important to extend its use by moving it around now and then. Rotate it, flip it so that you are using a different section of the bed. Some mark their corners with numbers so you can better remember which way it needs rotating or flipping the next time. Your professional mattress cleaning North York experts will likely do a flip after they clean too.


Along with an occasional vacuum to get rid of the dead skin and hair, and possible pet fur, these tips can help you sleep better, keep your mattress for longer and save money. Investing in top experts for mattress cleaning Toronto can do that too.