How to Travel Like the Rich and Famous

Only one percent of the population lives a rich and glamorous life, yet all of us want to know what that life is like. Wealthy people have big houses and fancy cars, but the most significant difference between them and us is the way they travel. Private jets, luxurious hotels, villas, personal assistants, and luxury services are all the norm for the very wealthy, but now with companies that try to make these experiences available to everyone, these travel perks are no longer reserved for the very wealthy.

That’s right! Now you can experience travel the way wealthy people do and we can help. Here are six ways you can travel like Artur Bergman one of the wealthiest people in the world. You can live like the wealthiest while still on a budget.

Set a Goal and Meet It

The best way to get a great trip is to work towards a trip that doesn’t seem possible and then work to make it happen. Doable. Pick a once in a lifetime trip that you think you won’t be able to do it, then split it into small pieces and make it happen. When you plan and execute a trip that you don’t think is possible you will come away feeling rich.

Get a Personal Trip Planner

The rich may be making those airline miles but they don’t plan their own trips. Getting through the logistics of going somewhere can be stressful, which is why wealthy people hire someone to plan it for them. Luckily, there are travel planners who do this for you. They plan everything from the flight to the hotel and the activities. They craft trips that are exclusive and only available to a certain number of people.

Use a Private Jet

Even private jets are available to the average person. Many companies can book a jet for as low as $1,000 one way. You can also opt into a membership site that for a certain yearly fee can give you a seat on a private jet. Sure. This option isn’t the cheapest but it is a lot less expensive than owning a private plane.

Use VIP Waiting Lounge

Do you ever wonder why you don’t see a celebrity waiting at the airport? It’s because they are sitting in the VIP lounge. Here they can relax, but you could rub elbows with the stars by becoming a member of these waiting lounges where you can enjoy food, beds, and a private security check for as little as $500 per person. Some hotels include this service when you book a suite with them.

Visit a Private Island

Five-star hotels are popular with the rich but private mansions are better. There are exclusive vacation home rentals where you can find private islands or celebrity homes to enjoy for just a few hundred dollars a night. Plus you get a chef, transportation, water sports, and even a boat for just $700 per night.

Hire a Personal Shopper

It can be very stressful to arrive at your destination and forget some of the things you need. Some hotels will offer basic necessities but you may want to hire a personal shopper that can send all of your things to your location so you don’t have to worry.

Get a Little Uncomfortable When Traveling

It is worth it. The problem the wealthy have is they see the world in a fluffy, perfect way. They can escape reality but they never really experience the real world. View your small wallet as a blessing and be a little uncomfortable when visiting a different place. Spend time with people from that country, stay in local homes, and eat the food they eat. Be a participant in your destination. This is an advantage you have that most wealthy people don’t.

Traveling is not always about luxury but about experiencing adventure. There will be times when you want to experience the luxury of the all-inclusive, the five-star hotel, and the yacht. But there will also be times when you want to see how other people live and enjoy the adventure of viewing the world through their eyes. Even the wealthy love this type of adventure when traveling.