How to Improve the Performance of your Can-Am Maverick x3?

If you are a proud owner of Can-Am Maverick x3, then you must be enjoying your ride without getting too much involved in maintenance. The very popular Can-Am Maverick x3 is undoubtedly one of the best ATVs in the market, offering a seamless ride for all the ATV fanatics. Its efficient engine system and low maintenance module help riders enjoy their ride for many years without even a single issue. 

But if you have been planning to exploit the horsepower of your beast Can-am Maverick X3 fully, then you have come to the right place. Most people do this out of passion and fun, as the Can-am Maverick X3 is already optimized for better performance. 

So, let’s see how you can make the most of your Can-am Maverick X3 through this blog post. 

Buy Vivid racing 235 HP power kit. 

Vivid racing is the best option you have if you want to improve the power of your Can-am Maverick X3. When you use vivid racing, you add 50 wheel horsepower overstock to your ATV, and this is almost like a 30% increase in the overall power of your ride. It is a significant increase in the overall performance of your Can-am Maverick X3. 

Things to take care of while using Vivid racing 235 HP power kit 

If you are going to equip your Can-am Maverick X3 with a 235 HP power kit, you must improve the airflow, boost requirement, and fuel delivery. You also need to make changes to your ECU tuning if you want to make the most of your modification.

The 235 HP power kit has been tested using 100 octane, and if you are an expert rider, then you already know 100 octane is a standard race fuel preferred by people using their Can-am Maverick X3 in desert or races. The higher the octane, the slower the fuel burns, and this system aids in good combustion and prevention against dangerous knocks. 

Different modifications are required. 

Injector Dynamics 1050 injector set

The first significant modification is a proper injector set of Injector Dynamics 1050(link is external). Just like in the case of the Can-Am clutch tool, you have to take care of other modifications while equipping your Can-am Maverick X3 with a 235 HP power kit. 

This significant modification includes plug-and-play injectors that play a vital role in providing the fueling required to take the HP to these levels. So, you can say that the primary stock fuel injector is not enough in this case. 

Agency Power Intercooler 

Another crucial part, like the Can-Am clutch tool for your Can-am Maverick X3, is Agency Power Intercooler. The more significant core helps keep the entire air temperature low, and it also stops the stock intercooler from knocking out the system.

The agency cooler might look like a regular air-intake system. Still, when it comes to upgrading the power to a high level, this system aids the turbocharger to breathe every bit of air necessary for operating smoothly. 

Proper tuning 

None of those mentioned above modifications can be made possible if you don’t tune your Can-am Maverick X3 even after using the Can-Am clutch tool. With proper tuning, the entire system provides maximum power while keeping the stock knock sensors happy. 

You might be delighted after buying Can-am Maverick X3 as this is one of the best ATVs out there in the market, but still, this beast has scope for performance improvement, especially if you are doing it for fun. Use the tips mentioned in this blog post and get in touch with an expert if required.