How to Add Year-Round Color to Your Commercial Property’s Landscaping

Having a well-maintained landscape is an important part of providing customers with a pleasant experience. A commercial property’s landscaping should be inviting and well-organized, and one way to add some eye-catching flair is to use plants and flowers that will provide year-round color. Let’s take a look at how Infantry Landscaping can help you incorporate year-round color into your commercial property’s landscaping.

Creating a vibrant, year-round appeal for your commercial property’s landscaping can be a challenging task. It requires a keen eye for design, a deep understanding of plant life cycles, and a commitment to regular maintenance. For those who prefer professional assistance, offers a range of services to help you achieve a stunning, colorful landscape all year round.

Choose Flowers That Bloom In Different Seasons

By mixing different types of plants in your landscape design, you can add interesting textures and colors all year round. Plants that flower at different times of the year, such as tulips (spring), hibiscus (summer), chrysanthemums (fall), and poinsettias (winter), can provide a wide range of colors from spring through fall—allowing you to enjoy blooms without having to replant each season. You can also add hardscape elements like rocks, stones, or water features for added texture and visual interest.

Consider Flowering Trees

Flowering trees are a great addition to any landscape because they provide beauty and color throughout the year. Some common flowering trees include cherry blossom, dogwood, magnolia, and crabapple trees. When selecting one or more of these trees for your commercial property’s landscaping, make sure to choose one based on its size, shape, texture, color, bloom time, and other elements like drought tolerance.

Choose Plants That Thrive in All Seasons

The first step in adding year-round color to your commercial property’s landscaping is to choose plants that will thrive during all seasons. For example, evergreen shrubs are great for providing consistent foliage throughout the year. Other options include cacti, succulents, and alpine plants which are perfect for providing texture and color in warm climates. Additionally, you can plant perennials that will bloom each season like roses, daisies, lilies, peonies, and sunflowers. When selecting plants for your commercial property’s landscape, it’s important to consider both the local climate and the amount of sunlight the area receives so that you can choose plants that will flourish throughout the entire year.

Create Contrast

Contrasting colors draw attention to certain areas of the landscape and make them stand out from the rest—which makes them ideal for accentuating focal points or highlighting special features like walkways or pathways. Try using combinations of light and dark colors in order to create contrast in your yard, such as pairing bright yellow flowers with deep purple ones or pairing white flowers with red ones. This will help create an eye-catching landscape design that will last all year long!

Light It Up

Another way to keep your commercial property’s landscaping vibrant all year long is by adding lights! Solar lights are perfect for this purpose since they require no wiring—just place them around pathways or flower beds and let them work their magic! String lights are also an excellent choice; hang them from tree branches or along fences for a whimsical look that works well day or night.

Incorporate Pathways & Garden Fountains

Including pathways or garden fountains in your commercial property’s landscape design allows visitors or customers a chance to explore their surroundings without having to leave the premises. You can create pathways out of stones or pavers that lead visitors from one area of your property to another while also creating visual interest with different colors or textures. Garden fountains are also great additions as they bring life not only through sound but also through movement which helps create an overall more relaxing atmosphere on the premises.

Utilize Trees for Structure

In addition to planting colorful flowers or shrubs, adding trees to your commercial property’s landscaping can provide structure and create a more inviting atmosphere for visitors or customers. Trees come in all shapes and sizes so you should have plenty of options when choosing which tree would work best for your particular property design. Smaller trees like Japanese maples are great accent pieces while larger trees like oaks or elms can provide shade and privacy along with visual interest during all four seasons.

Consider Artificial Plantings

If you want an even more consistent display of color throughout the entire year, then artificial plantings are worth considering. Artificial grasses or flowers can add texture and interest when planted among real foliage and often require less maintenance than natural plantings do. Additionally, artificial plantings come in a variety of shapes and sizes so they can fill spaces where traditional plants may not work as well due to structural limitations or lack of sunlight exposure.

Creating a beautiful landscape with year-round color is easy when you know how to incorporate the right plants into your design! By selecting flowers that bloom in different seasons along with flowering trees and evergreen shrubs you can easily add color to your property’s landscaping all year round. With a little bit of effort, you can create an inviting atmosphere that will draw customers in while also providing visual interest for passersby all year long!