How to a Water Bottle can Benefit your Business

Business marketing can be a tough subject, and not everyone knows how to effectively advertise their business to gain the most sales. In this competitive market, how can we bring forward efficient marketing strategies that not only capture the attention of the audience, but also translate engagements into sales?

You may be surprised that the simplest methods often result in the best outputs. Case in point, a water bottled may actually bring more brand recognition to your business than you may realize, especially if your business is part of the food and beverage industry like restaurants and bars.

If you’re not in the F&B industry, don’t quit reading just yet. The business benefits of water bottles extend beyond the restaurant and bar scene, and can increase awareness and sales for a variety of businesses ranging from food to clothing and even events!

Does Any Water Bottle Work?

Not just any water bottle can be beneficial to your business. With today’s eco-friendly face, plastic water bottles don’t work well in providing your business with an environmentally friendly reputation, especially as you advocate for sustainable business practices.

Rather, reusable water bottles and tumblers have risen in popularity over the years, as people look for sustainable and eco-friendly products to play a part in their marketing and advertising. Like the My Own Water reusable bottled water, these water bottles are made from aluminum, which is a sustainable material that is both recyclable and unique-looking!

Benefits of a Custom Reusable Water Bottle

If you’re still wondering how a simple water bottle can bring benefits to your business, it mostly has to do with how you utilize the item to your advantage. There are multiple ways to utilize reusable water bottles, either as a promotional product or what is essentially a walking billboard.

Personalized Custom Water Bottles

Personalization has always been a trend among the business community. Businesses seem much more legitimate and established when they have customized products that feature their brand logo and name, particularly in seemingly mundane items like water bottles.

With an aluminum water bottle, you get the best of both having your water customized, and having a unique item that allows you to present your customers with a face of sustainability. You can be proud to provide customers with an eco-friendly alternative, and associate your brand with it at the same time.

Promotional Products

Promotional products have been proven again and again to work extremely well, especially when the product in question is a helpful, practical, or essential product. Up to 70% of consumers say they remember the brand that they got freebies from, be it something as simple as a pen.

An aluminum water bottle checks all the boxes. It is helpful that it is portable, practical in that it is reusable, and essential in that everyone needs water to drink at some point throughout the day. Though a simple water bottle, you ingrain your brand in the minds of more than two thirds of your target audience.

Portable Advertising

Alongside promotional products comes portable advertising. That is – when your consumers carry the water bottle around, they act as walking advertisements for your brand as they go about their daily commute, work, or school. Other onlookers get to see your brand, and recognize it the next time they make a purchase.

Additionally, the shiny, chrome-like finish on an aluminum water bottle makes it easy to spot; almost like putting a glow around your advertisement that says: Hey! Notice this brand! This captures the attention of onlookers, and therefore increases your brand awareness

Corporate Sustainability

And of course, let’s not forget that by opting for an aluminum water bottle instead of a plastic bottle, your brand is doing its part in reducing your carbon footprint. Plastic water bottles, which are often used in marathons and sporting events, are quickly filling up our landfill.

Your corporate sustainability is not only a part of your business operations that you can be proud of, it also translates into sales as more and more consumers prefer to support businesses that have sustainable practices put in place, and businesses that show they care about the effects of their products to the environment.