How A Maid Agency Can Provide Value Added Services

For maid agencies, the summer season, although a fantastic vacation, can likewise be the ideal time to provide extra value and make some extra cash financial obligation.What are the choices for a maid to earn money during the summertime with a short-term service that can end when summer does?

Holiday Helper

Lots of families go on holiday throughout the summer. They need trusted people to house sit, water plants, get the mail and often pet-sit. Maid agencies can offer an extremely valuable service with little extra resources on their part.


If you take pleasure in working with young children, you can work a few hours weekly babysitting. Your hourly pay will be less than if you go with tutoring, however you can still make a decent $10 an hour babysitting. As a mother, I know how difficult it is to discover trusted, credible babysitters, so you ‘d easily have the ability to get regular sitting tasks.


I know it sounds apparent, but tutoring can bring in decent cash. You already have the connections through school, so marketing your tutoring business (and constructing a client base) can be fairly simple– particularly if you let moms and dads know you provide tutoring prior to the school year ends. This is particularly so if the agency’s maids are well educated and willing to share their knowledge.

Summertime Camp

Hold a summer season camp at a local park or perhaps at your own home. Host a week-long camp, and plan activities. Moms and dads will enjoy the break from their kids, specifically knowing the kids will be well looked after and they’ll be having a fun time.

Online Auctions

Seize the day to list all your extra treasures on eBay. Maids can help to clear out your home of junk along with bring in some well-deserved money. You can even note other people’s products and take a percentage for the effort if you’re feeling ambitious.

These are just a few of the lots of ways for maid agencies to make some money throughout your summertime break. The important thing is that it does not take a big amount of money to begin your own service. You can begin with just word of mouth and take it from there.

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Your per hour pay will be less than if you opt for tutoring, however you can still make a reputable $10 an hour childcare. Hold a summertime camp at a local park or even at your own house. You’ll clean out your home of junk as well as bring in some well-deserved cash. Lots of households go on vacation during the summer season. These are just a few of the numerous methods for you to make some extra cash throughout your summer season break.