Get to Know More About Decra mabati

House construction has gained popularity around the planet. Thus, it is of good interest to learn what to consider when going for roofing materials. The article below will major on the essential factors you should contemplate before buying iron sheets for roofing purposes.

Since the iron sheets are manufactured differently and vary on the cost, purchasing the best type and quality should be the choice.

Roofing forms an important part of a building. The climatic conditions usually keep on changing, mostly not favorable to us. It is the roof that protects us from adverse weather conditions. Roofing forms the attractive outward appearance of the building. Mabati has become the popular roofing material in Kenya. Most individuals go for iron sheet roofing of different types. Below are the essential factors to consider when purchasing roofing iron sheets.


Iron sheets are manufactured in various sizes. In size consideration, you should understand the width/ length and the gauge. The length varies between 1-3 meters, with a constant width of 0.85 meters for all lengths. Consult your contractor if you are in doubt about the size of the iron sheets.

Iron sheet gauge refers to the thickness standard for a specified material. The thickness of the sheet decreases with an increase in the gauge number. Thickness is expressed in inches or millimeters (mm). It would be best if you wisely chose the size of mabati in favor of your house.


In the construction industry, the cost of roofing materials depends on the material type and quality. The purchasing cost of the roofing material is an important consideration. Furthermore, considered the maintenance and service costs for product value ascertainment. Decra mabati cost varies depending on the length and the gauge size, which will cost you almost Ksh. 2000 per square meter. The buyers should have adequate cash when buying this type of iron sheet.

Consider the color

The choice of the color for the roofing depends on theindividuals’ taste and preference. You can choose either plain or colored iron sheets. For the plain ones,  once you are done with the roofing then, the painting is done. However, the common colors are blue, red, green, and black. The pre-colored mabati are usually more expensive since they are considered of great value and come in custom colors.


The question of how long the roof will take before being replaced is vital. To reduce the lifetime cost of the building, you should go for a roofing system that can last for a longer period. To answer the question mentioned above, consider the materials used to come up with the final product. Decra roofing tiles is made from steel, the coat of zinc and aluminium making the product stronger and more durable.


Quality roofing gives the building an attractive external appearance that makes you feel wow! Knowing the factors mentioned in the above article will help you go for the best mabati roofing, saving you maintenance and service costs. Consider the time the iron sheets will take before replacing the roof to evade the frequent replacement cost.

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