Everything You Need To Know About ED Medications

Erectile dysfunction is not a reversible condition, even though there are special cases of this condition that are reversible. 

Although this condition can be managed and a man can handle his indications efficiently with diverse kinds of methods for their situation.

Treatments are given to men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction after the doctors are able to find the primary cause of the condition. There are times when erectile dysfunction is caused by more than one kind of cause.

There are two kinds of erectile dysfunction causes and one of them is ordinarily the main cause and the category is divided into physical causes and psychological causes.

Oral medications such as Vidalista 20 mg, penile surgeries, pumps, implants, and talk therapy are some examples of treatments for this male sexual dysfunction.

These oral drugs for the treatment of this sexual dysfunction are prescribed if it is caused due to a specific cause, which is poor blood circulation.

They are drugs known by the name Sildenafil citrate, Vardenafil, Avanafil, and Tadalafil and they all belong to the same family of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors.

There are different types of oral brands of these drugs such as Cenforce, and different brands give you different drugs, but they are one of these 4 PDE5 inhibiting drugs.

Here are some facts and clarifications about the oral PDE5 drug medications like Penegra 100, Tadarise 40 mg which are prescribed for the treatment of this sexual dysfunction.

Oral Medications are Effective if the Cause of the erectile dysfunction is Physical

Many people are under the misconception that taking a pill containing a PDE5 inhibiting drug will help them deal with their erectile dysfunction problem no matter what the cause is.

But the fact remains that the oral PDE5 inhibiting drugs are responsible for aiding the production of nitric oxide which helps in expanding the blood vessels for greater flow of blood in the penile shaft. 

If the primary cause of your erectile dysfunction is other than poor blood circulation such as low testosterone levels or performance anxiety then the medication will not be as effective as it should.

The PDE5 inhibiting drugs Treat Erectile Dysfunction for a Short Span of Time

If you use a pill for a headache, the pain passes away however erectile dysfunction is different and if you are suffering this sexual dysfunction, odds are that you will experience it for a lifetime and will require treatment for it as long as you prefer to stay engaged in your love life.

There are four major types of PDE5 inhibiting drugs and each of them gives a man the freedom to have erections for 4-6 hours. The drug Tadalafil is an exception, which works for about 1.5 days, roughly 36 hours at most.

But after the duration of effectiveness is over, the condition will revert back to as it was and you will have to take another dosage next time you need the effects of these medications.

Oral Medications for Erectile dysfunction are Much Cheaper than All the Other Treatments of Erectile dysfunction

It is simple math that a pill containing a PDE5 inhibiting drug will be more affordable than a surgery which is why most people prefer to make use of oral pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction even knowing that the results they give are not going to last for a long time.

You will find all the dosages of the PDE5 inhibiting drugs in trademark brands and well generic brands at much cost-effective price ranges which gives you enough time to make the right financial choice.

Oral medications are More Convenient to Use and Carry

Pills are smaller in size than other types of treatments that are prescribed to men for the treatment of erectile dysfunction such as penile pumps. You can easily carry a pill in your pocket, but a penile pump would certainly look awkward.

Similarly, you may need certain expertise to inject testosterone in your penile shaft, or even have to visit a professional for it, but when it comes to oral pills, you need no special expertise to take it. 

All the PDE5 inhibiting drugs, irrespective of their label name, function following identical working mechanism for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

If you take a pill including a PDE5 drug, it will take its respective time for its onset. After completing the onset or prep period, the drug will be active for action in your body. Throughout this period if you feel sexually aroused, your brain transmits directions that pass through the nervous system to the male organ to cause the generation of nitric oxide. The drug prevents the PDE5 enzyme from interfering with the process so that an adequate amount of nitric oxide can expand the blood vessels and improve blood circulation particularly in the penile region giving a man an erection. 

The crucial factors during this working mechanism are that the medication has to be active and the man has to experience sexual arousal for this process to occur as it should.

People also assume that taking medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction will also give their sexual drive a boost, but the medications do not work that way.

There are other ways to improve a man’s sexual drive, even testosterone injections may improve a man’s sexual drive but the oral medications prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction don’t work that way.

People with heart conditions that cause low blood pressure or men who use medications to lower blood pressure should double-check with their doctor before making use of PDE5 inhibiting medications such as Kamagra Jelly.

These are a few things that you must be aware of before you make use of oral drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and expect realistic results from them. The oral medications are relatively risk-free and safe for use for most people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction due to poor blood circulation, but the best way to ensure its effectiveness is to refer to a doctor.