Everyday Uses For Intelligent Process Automation

It wasn’t that long ago when artificial intelligence was considered a fringe technology. Even many of the people who saw AI as a viable future technology worried about what machines capable of intelligent process automation (IPA) would do to the human workforce. Now, artificial intelligence and automation are very real and present in many aspects of daily life and, in the words of Meredith Brooks, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

There are plenty of use cases for IPA in a range of industries and roles, and its uses will only continue to expand as our technology advances and we rely more heavily on process automation. Continue reading to learn about some of the many use cases of intelligent process animation.

Virtual Assistants

One of the major shifts in customer service is using robotic process automation (RPA) to provide customers with instant solutions around the clock. Many companies use virtual assistants known as chatbots to initiate conversations with consumers who visit their websites, allowing them to build connections with customers without human workers.

Interactive voice response is another RPA tool that significantly enhances the customer experience. As you know, sitting on hold to get solutions to a problem is one of the most frustrating wastes of time. Interactive voice response uses robots that through machine learning and AI can communicate with people and understand as they speak in their natural language. That means no more waiting on hold to get to the right human agent.

The Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) is one of the most exciting new technologies to hit the market in recent years. Insurance companies capitalize on this technology by using it to monitor, record, and report customer behavior. For instance, safe driver tools record data on policyholders’ driving habits such as their average traveling speed, how hard they brake, and how they turn corners. This intelligent process automation use case empowers insurers to deliver better insurance rates to safe drivers as well as develop insurance packages for high-risk drivers.

Customized Options and Marketing Campaigns

If you think chatbots, robots that understand human language, and IoT are exciting, you’ll love machine learning algorithms. Algorithms are rules and processes that govern how computers capture and analyze information, and machine learning enables computerized devices to make changes based on human activity.

A prime example of machine learning in the real world is the personalization of products and marketing campaigns. If you have Netflix, you’ve likely noticed that after a while, Netflix begins making program suggestions based on shows and movies you’ve watched in the past. That, friend, is the power of machine learning and algorithms.

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Deep Learning

Deep learning is one of the most powerful and promising new technologies there is. As a cognitive technology, deep learning is widely used to enhance security measures for mobile apps and other use cases. Deep learning allows machines to verify human identities using biotechnologies that detect eyes, faces, fingerprints, and voices.

Automated Vehicles

One of the most exciting automation use cases is automated vehicles. At one time, driverless vehicles were endemic to the silver screen, and now, they’re very much a part of the real world. Amazon, Tesla, Google, and Uber are among the companies pioneering the use of driverless vehicles to increase road safety and cut costs for their customers. In fact, Domino’s Pizza has even started using these vehicles for pizza delivery.

As you can see, use cases for IPA, especially RPA, abound, making life easier for human workers and consumers. Business process automation and cognitive technology have implementation are essential for growing companies in this brave new world where new technologies hit the market every day. The use of AI is now essential to perfecting business processes, and the companies that do the best job of embracing the various use cases of AI are the ones that will lead the way going forward

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