Escape rooms in Phoenix

Known as the sprawling metropolitan city and the valley of the sun, Pheonix is famous for its outstanding hotels and championship golf courses. Along with beautiful museums, zoos, and parks, their escape rooms are also starting to light in the entertainment field.

Everyone knows what to expect in a zoo or park, but it’s a whole different story in an escape room. There is nothing better than solving clues and puzzles in movie-style thematic environments with your friends and family by your side!

Most of the best escape rooms in Arizona are concentrated in Phoenix’s capital city because of the city’s popularity and presence of tourist attractions like The Desert Botanical Garden. In this article, we have listed some of the best escape rooms you can visit in the Pheonix for a refreshing outing with the fam!

1. PanIQ Escape Room, Arizona

With three immersive games played by over 66,900 players, PanIQ is known for its unique and diverse rooms. Encountering aliens, getting kidnapped, and getting arrested is not a bizarre thing here, as the storylines are even more mind-blowing!

This famous brand has been serving escape enthusiasts and beginners since the very beginning. They have also hosted some top-notch games for celebs like Lucy Hale, Chris Evans, Gerard Butler, and Juanes! If that doesn’t scream “we are popular” enough, they have hosted corporate teams from Google, Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Buzzfeed!

Explore the reason behind their popularity by paying them a visit for some thrill and adventure at PanIQ escape room, Phoenix!

2. Puzzle Effect, Arizona

The physical adventure escapes have some unique twists in every turn. Their rooms, grim stacks, pipe works, the path, and the curse on the emerald seas are super thrilling and guarantee all players with exhilarating experiences! Their fantastic and metaphorical escape rooms are perfect for every gang, clan, party, or team!

They have recently released a series of online escape games if you want to feel the thrill from the comfort of your homes!

Experience the effect of some mind-blowing puzzles and nerve-wracking riddles only at Puzzle Effect, Phoenix!

3. Phoenix puzzle room, Arizona

Conveniently located near spacious parking lots, their establishment provides customers with the best hospitality and escape room games. They sport four eccentric escape rooms with sophisticated ancient themes and fantasy plots made for players from every age group!

Although the Phoenix Puzzle room is located in a region roaring with nightlife and party destinations, we suggest you play their escape rooms first. They will get you prepped for an energetic night after, and the owners will also help you choose the perfect destination! Book your rooms at Phoenix Puzzle Room!

4. Eludesions escape rooms, Arizona

Whether it is your birthday, Halloween day, date night, or anniversary, you can step in Eludesions to experience fun and fantasy at the same time! They have family-friendly rooms that include many dragons and magic that will surely keep everyone engaged (kids included!) However, if you are more into alien invasions or heard about the famous Area 51 memes, they also have an alien-themed escape room called “Case file X!”

They are ranked #38 among the top escape rooms in the country, and their reviews speak mostly about how well-thought-out their rooms are!

Make your booking at Eludesions and make some unforgettable memories!


While Phoenix’s museums, mountains, and gardens are worthy destinations for sight-seeing and travel, their escape rooms will fulfill your thirst for adrenaline and thrill. These escape rooms fit every family function or team-building event because of the skills and communicative abilities they teach during the process.

So, if you are looking for some educational value teamed with fun and adventure, these escape room Pheonix are a perfect choice!