Electrical Emergencies that Require an Electrician Right Away


Western Sydney is generally known as the local government area of Sydney Metro. You have the Greater Western Sydney, South Western Sydney, and Canterbury-Bankstown, which are all composed of their respective suburbs. The nine local governments that formed part of the region are members of the Western Sydney Regional Organisations of Councils or WSROC.

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As of 2016, more than 2.3 million called it home. But Western Sydney is rapidly growing as seemingly more neighbourhoods, and high rises are constructed almost every month. 

When you are constructing a private dwelling or a new building, you need an electrician in Western Sydney to make sure that your cable wires and power supply are sufficient for your needs. According to data, electrical faults account for 4 in 10 fire incidents in New South Wales.

For the most part, people only call an electrician when they see the obvious red flags. For example, when the power outlet is emitting smoke or a burning smell. Of course, when you see your wires in flames, you need to turn off the main power supply and dial the emergency hotline. 

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Speaking of emergencies, you need to call in an electrician in Western Sydney when you notice the following:

  1. When you always buy a fuse — New homes now are equipped with circuit breakers, which are proven to be safer. However, older homes still use fuse boxes. The fuse is designed to blow up when your private dwelling’s circuits overload. You need to replace the fuse first before the power is restored. So, if you blow your fuses often, it is a sign of instability in your power supply. 
  • When your power outlets or wires are warm to touch — If you notice this, better turn off the main supply immediately and call the electrician in Western Sydney. There is an electrical fault somewhere, and your system is in danger of catching fire. In the same vein, when your appliances are warm to the touch if they are plugged in but not turned on, it is another red flag. You should call help when you notice electric shocks every time you plug in your phone or appliances to the power outlets. 
  • Buzzing from your circuit breaker/fuse box — When you hear a consistent electrical buzzing or humming sound from the supply box, it could be a sign that your system is failing. The electrical system wants to trip but fails to do so due to overloading/underloading.
  • Loss of power — When you suddenly lose power and your neighbours are not, then there is a problem with your electrical system. The circuit breaker may be correcting the fault by shutting down the system. A variation of this would be flickering lights. If only one lamp is affected, then you can simply replace the item. But call an electrician if the problem is noticeable throughout your house. Another thing to look out for is when you are buying bulbs more often than necessary because they always blow out. 

Although not an emergency, when you notice that your utility bill has ballooned considerably compared to last month and you cannot pinpoint the source, you can call in an electrician in Western Sydney to conduct an exhaustive inspection. It could be a problem in your electrical system that causes your bills to spike.

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