Custom CRM Development Cost

Price Of Custom CRM Development

Let’s start from the core: custom CRM development cost is rarely fixed. As per current estimates be ready to fork out from $94,800 to $696,000 for a custom CRM built from scratch. Such fluctuation is due to the features you’re seeking to get, who are you getting them from, and other important considerations.

The main benefit of investing in custom CRM development is excellent data protection and increased efficiency. This is obtained by eliminating the need for users to spend time customizing the system figuring out how it works. Keep reading to learn what factors define the final calculations and how to spend less on custom CRM development!

What Is Custom CRM

There are plenty of ways in which CRM can contribute to your business starting from tracking potential customers to measuring the effectiveness of your sales strategy. But what exactly is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer relationship management. In simple words, this is the technology used for managing your company’s relationships and interaction with customers. Custom CRM, in its turn, is responsible for the same tasks. The only difference is that custom CRM is a unique software developed keeping your company’s needs in mind.

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Custom CRM

A high development cost is a major reason why custom CRM development is not a common solution. In this case, however, businesses pay only for those features they need. Yet, we can distinguish 3 main factors that impact the final price of a custom CRM development.


This is a simple match. The large number of tasks assigned to a developer team and the high functionality can skyrocket the development cost. Here is the basic list of Custom CRM features businesses may need regardless of the nature of their specialization:

Email Integration

This feature provides seamless and instant integration with major email service providers such as Google, Outlook, Yahoo. The purpose of email integration is to segment and manage contact lists as well as to form a centralized hub for in-house collaboration.

Document Management

This includes collection, upload, and storage of documentation in one location. The documentation is subsequently distributed among the team members to help them gain success with the information needed.

Reporting and Analytics

This feature helps you gain competency over sales figures and performance within a given periodicity. Plus, you get to understand the entire sales process.


Based on the data gathered and trends analyzed, the CRM system makes predictions regarding sales figures and revenue. This feature provides efficient data use and empowers you to make factual decisions.

Level Of Developers’ Expertise

Be sure that the highly experienced custom CRM developer won’t be the cheapest option. The high rate they charge is justified by their expertise, the number of successful products released, the time they spend on mastering skills, and etc.

Number Of Added Users

The number of staff going to use your CRM add to the final cost. This includes not only the need to develop for a certain number of people but also the cost of adjusting CRM to the workflow and training stuff to master the system.

How To Save Money On Custom CRM Development

A sky-high development price can be a major turnoff for some businesses. Luckily, we know a few ways on how to reduce the cost of custom CRM. Here they are.

Hire Offshore Developers

A high-class custom CRM development company can be located even beyond Silicon Value. Developer salaries in America are usually inflated and luckily, there’s an alternative. Programmers from Eastern Europe, Vietnam, and India will deliver a highly functional CRM for an adequate price.

Work With Expert Developers

Here you may ask “how to tell an expert from a mediocrity?” Look at a portfolio. Quality of the portfolio speaks better than words and even better than price. Don’t opt for the cheapest option and remember that a miser pays twice. It’s better to connect to a professional and get the work done with minimum to zero time and money losses.

Start With MVP Development

MVP possesses minimum but still enough features to satisfy basic users’ needs. In case of a limited budget, the development of MVP and enriching it with more advanced features further is a bingo.

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