Chronic Anal Fissure Surgery Cost

An anal fissure is a problem that occurs due to a small tear in the anus lining. The anus is the opening at the intestine’s lower end. It causes a person to experience itching, bleeding, and pain during a bowel movement. Treating anal fissures requires the person to consume a diet that is high in fiber, laxatives, and the application of anesthetic ointments on the area that is affected by it.

It is essential to look into the anal fissure surgery cost when the fissure does not go away even after four to six weeks.

What Are the Symptoms of Anal Fissure?

A person having anal fissure may show one or more than one of these symptoms:

  • Pain during bowel movements.
  • Pain after bowel movements. This pain can continue for a couple of hours.
  • Blood on the stool after a bowel movement.
  • Development of a crack in the skin surrounding the anus.
  • Development of a lump on the skin close to the anal fissure.

What Can Put You at Risk of Developing Anal Fissure?

  1. People who suffer from constipation have a greater chance of developing anal fissures. It is because those who are constipated often strain themselves during bowel movements. It puts them at a greater risk of tearing.
  2. Women become prone to developing anal fissures after childbirth.
  3. Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory condition that inflames the intestinal tract. It puts the anal canal at a greater risk of tearing.
  4. Anal intercourse too is a risk factor for anal fissure.
  5. Infants and people in their 40s and 50s are more likely to develop anal fissures.

Chronic anal fissures are very painful. In most cases, surgery can provide much-needed relief to the patients. Anal fissure surgery cost varies from city to city, so it is best to go ahead with it after a careful comparison of the cost.

Anal Fissure Surgery

Anal fissure surgery is known as Sphincterotomy. Surgery is often regarded as the last resort by people who are suffering from anal fissures. It is a slightly invasive surgery that requires around one to three hours to complete.

After the surgery, the person is required to stay in the hospital for one to two days. It takes a person around three weeks to recover from it. In this surgery, the sphincter muscle, which contracts and relaxes the anus during stool passage, is cut.

It, in turn, minimizes the overstretching of anal mucosa during stool passage. It thus leads the fissure to repair and heal itself. The anal mucosa surrounding it is surgically excised.

Surgery is entirely safe and effective for those dealing with this painful bowel condition. People can view the Anal fissure surgery cost of various states in India online.

Recovery after Surgery

Post-surgery, the stool habits of a person may get modified, but they will only last for a few days. People who have undergone surgery should also pay attention to their diet and refrain from consuming those foods that cause constipation.

The doctor also prescribes other medications like antibiotics and painkillers to aid the person in healing after the surgery.

The anal fissure surgery cost of a reputed hospital is entirely worth it for those suffering from chronic anal fissures. Surgery is the best choice to get rid of this condition.

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