Better Camera app for Android

Using a Better Camera all of its users will be able to get a better result with better satisfaction. This is the very reason that A Better Camera App is recommended. To oblige, a Better Camera App is in town to everyone’s satisfaction. Here’s what this cool and super features App has in it:

High Dynamic Range captures are possible in any situation. With continuous shooting in different exposure situations HDR technology will blend all of the captures together to bring in more highlight and details to the image. Those wide landscape captures are made possible with the Panorama feature. All the objects in the scene will be on the image due to the camera lens adjusting widely to include everything in one image. Those unwanted objects in an image can now be easily got ridden with the Multi shot one touch feature. Visit Here: 24hoursnews

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Don’t worry about fading light or making captures in night-time. With the Night mode capture this device will auto adjust to bring in the best clarity in the image. With the Pre-Shot feature any fast action scene will captured quickly without a miss. This is bound to keep all of those sports fans happy as action as it happens is captured without a miss. Set the timer, take time to look your best and the selfie will come out just the way you wished.

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With different kind of focussing A Better Camera offers Manual, Auto, Single, and continuous captures the max and ultimate flexibility a camera app can offer. With the app’s ISO option feature the user can manually set either to brighten or darken the image as required. Now to focus on some of the main features, A Better Camera offers for video clips.

About Video Recording

In this app, pausing at any time is possible on a video recording. This is a must have option. Example in sports the main action is bound to stop temporarily before it restarts again. When the action stops video, pausing is necessary. With time-lapse sequence make a video combining all your favourite photos which in turn will make that video clip your favourite. With the all-important white balance feature the necessary whiteness in the image can be brought about to bring in the right and good looks of the images with optimum colour tone.

With the time stamp feature allowing the date and address to be stamped image or the video can be remembered for ever in time.

With all of these fantastic, amazing features and its many options A Better Camera app has to offer just try it once and you will be with it always wondering what you have been missing out on before settling for this super magical camera app.

Better Camera app for Android TV

People tends to use their smart TV for video calls, zoom meetings and etc. But you can’t use that external web camera to capture photos and videos. Because stock camera app does not have many features and filters like on Android phones.

You can use app stores like AppLinked or FileSynced app to install any Android camera on your Android TV or Fire TV for free. Sideloading apps on TV is not an easy task. That’s why apps like AppLinked popular on TV users. First create you own store on AppLinked and then upload your favourite camera application to that store. Here you can download better camera apk and upload to your store. Then use that store to install any camera app on your TV. Read More About:  easysolution24

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