Some Of The Best Washing Machine Brands That You Can Rely On

It is often said that you need to take emotions out of the way when you are making financial decisions. However, Indian consumers inherently are emotionally invested in everything we do or purchase. How many times have we visited the same hair stylist, just because we liked the way they greeted us, even though they might charge more than the others?

Similarly, we frequent stores, malls, retail outlets and even e-commerce platforms where we have had pleasant experiences, whether it is in terms of customer service, or even because of the user experience. Brand loyalty is certainly real, and we as consumers tend to be loyal to brands, outlets and stores because of one reason or the other.

In the consumer electronics segment, there are certain brands that have established their dominance because of innovative prowess and technological ingenuity, along with brand loyalty. These brands have garnered a legion of loyal fan-following over decades, and no matter how many new brands pop up, we continue to rely on these familiar faces.

It also applies to washing machine brands; while we have several major players in the washing machine industry, we all have our preferences — some because of prior experience, some because of the innovative features and technology they offer with washing machines, and some because we know the brand’s models are reliable. It could also be due to the amalgamation of all the factors mentioned.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new washing machine, here are a few brands you have to consider, purely because of the work they’ve done, and because of how reliable they have been in the past.


When it comes to consumer electronics, there are very few brands that command as much respect and reverence as Samsung. The South Korean giant also offers some of the best washing machine models available in the market today. When you do a cost-benefit analysis, more often than not, Samsung washing machines out-perform the models offered by other brands.

Furthermore, Samsung also offers washing machines with inverter technology. Most of the front-load models offered by the brand come with high spin speeds, the latest technology and top-of-the-line features. Samsung is also arguably the best washing machine brand in India, while the Samsung washing machine price ranges from less than Rs. 15,000 to around Rs. 40,000, depending on the load capacity, loading type, number of features and modes, and the technology used.


What we said about Samsung can also be said about LG. The brand has been a pioneer in the washing machine industry, and offers some of the most innovative washing machine models today. Furthermore, the high-end LG washing machines also come with the Smart Diagnosis feature, and consumers can easily zero in on any flawed behaviour of the machine without having to scurry around to find what has gone wrong with the appliance.

LG washing machines also come with innovative features and latest technology. For instance, LG’s front-load washing machines come with 6 Motion Direct Drive technology, Inverter Direct Drive motor, and 6 washing motions, along with a plethora of other features and washing modes. The LG ThinQ also lets you do your laundry from anywhere, as the brand integrates artificial intelligence with all of its high-end appliances.


Whirlpool has made a name for itself as one of the stand-out brands when it comes to washing machines. Cementing its status as one of the best washing machine brands in India, Whirlpool has been offering high-quality washers for the past 25 years in the country! The brand offers washers that can take loads from 6 kgs, all the way to 12 kgs, and the fully-automatic top-load models come with the patented 360-degree Bloomwash, along with the futuristic 6th Sense Tumble Care technology.

The front-loading washers, similarly, come with the 6th Sense SoftMove technology, while the brand also offers washer-dryer combo appliances to make the entire washing experience simple and hassle-free.

Washing machines offered by the above-mentioned brands also come with comprehensive warranties, while the washing machine manufacturers provide excellent after-sales service and customer support, making them the most reliable washing machine brands in the country.