Top 7 Best Snow Pushers & Shovels in 2019 Reviews- Buyers’ Guide

If you live in those places that are prone to snow every other time, especially during winter, you need to equip yourself for the same so that you can easily move them out of your way, pavement, drive paths, or walkways without struggle. That means you need to have the best snow pusher that will make the work easier and here, we have a good list of the top 7 best snow pushers & shovels in 2019 reviews as follows:

Suncast SC2700 20-Inch Snow Shovel

best snow shovels

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It is easy to lift snow using this awesome Suncast SC2700 20-Inch Snow Shovel. Therefore, this is one of the tools that you will need for every winter season. The other thing to say with this snow pusher combo is that it comes with a strong handle with D-grip end for easy lifting. Looking at the dimensions, this combo comes with 20-inch by 13-inch blade and the total length of the handle shovel is 51-inches making it easy to use without having to bend or strain much. The features that we can highlight include the following:

  • 51-inches length
  • Wear strip made of galvanized steel
  • Graphite blade with no-stick features
  • D-grip handle for easy lifting
  • 20-inch by 13-inches blade

Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel

best snow shovel

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Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel is another one of the best snow pushers that you need for the winger season. It comes with an ergonomic bent handle that makes lifting easy. The other thing about this great snow pusher is that it can last for long due to its quality of the construction. Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel features galvanized steel wear strip and other awesome features that include the following:

  • 18-by 12 inches blade
  • 5 inches overall length
  • Ergonomic bent ribbed steel core handle
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Garant NPM18KD Snow Shovel

best snow shovel

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Garant NPM18KD Snow Shovel is another choice that you can make if you are looking for one of the best snow pushers that is easy to use, and the one that is effective for its work. Looking at the features that come with Garant NPM18KD Snow Shovel, you will note the efficiency and the effectiveness that comes with it. For that matter, Garant NPM18KD Snow Shovel features 18-inch blade, and that wide blade makes it easy to clear the snow easily. Other features just to mention include:

  • Wide shovel blade of 18-inches
  • Made of hardwood handle
  • It is durable and comfortable to use

The Ames True Temper Snow Shovel

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The Ames True Temper Snow Shovel is an awesome and one of the best-selling snow shovel due to what it has to offer when it comes to snow removal. The Ames True Temper Snow Shovel comes with 26-inch deep blade hence making it faster when it comes to removing snow. The good thing with The Ames True Temper Snow Shovel is that it also features a wear strip that makes the product useful both as a snow pusher and as a snow shovel. The other features include the following:

  • 26-inch deep blade
  • Ergonomic aluminum handles for both hands
  • Foot step available to maximize leverage
  • Reversible to suit stairs and tight steps

Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Snow Shovel

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This awesome snow shovel comes with spring assisted handle hence making it easy and convenient to use. The D-ring handles offer comfort and when it comes to handling as well and thus making Snow Joe SHOVELUTION SJ-SHLV01 Snow Shovel an effective, comfortable, and easy to use shovel. The other good thing or advantage that come with Snow Joe SHOVELUTION SJ-SHLV01 Snow Shovel is the strain-reducing handle which is a rare feature that you can ever have. With this snow shovel, there is no need to bend when clearing the snow. The features in highlight include:

  • Wide 18-inches blade
  • Spring assisted strain reducing handle
  • D-ring handle grips for comfortable handling
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Garant NSP24DU Nordic Snow Pusher

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Here comes another choice to make of the best snow pusher. Garant NSP24DU Nordic Snow Pusher has been one of the choices that sells well on the market due to its quality in terms of blades, and also efficiency and effectiveness for its function. Garant NSP24DU Nordic Snow Pusher comes with steel blades of 24-inches and hence does the work easier than you can imagine. It is reinforced with steel for strength and hence is a durable quality snow pusher that will do the work faster and efficiently. The other features include:

  • 24-inch steel blade
  • Strong and durable quality
  • D-grip handle for comfortable handling
  • Varnished hardwood handle

Suncast SN1000 Snow Shovel

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Suncast SN1000 Snow Shovel is one of the best snow pushers that will do the work faster and efficiently. The good thing with Suncast SN1000 Snow Shovel is that it is affordable and hence you can easily acquire without much strain on budget. The pusher is made simple and with wide blades hence making it easy to use with the comfortable D-grip handle, and convenient length. Some other features to highlight include:

  • 18-inch by 13-inch angled rib pattern blade
  • Steel D-grip handle
  • Poly-coated to enhance durability
  • 48-inches overall length

Things that you need to consider before buying a snow pusher

Due to the variety of types and brands that offer the same product on the market, there is a need to carry out some research and to know the suitable, and the best snow pusher that will be of value when it comes to quality and performance. Therefore, here are some of the things or factors that you need to check and compare to arrive at one of the best snow pushers that would satisfy your needs:

  • Overall dimensions
  • Handle design and length
  • Blade features and size
  • Material construction
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Overall dimensions

You will find that each snow pusher comes with its dimensions and, therefore, you need the one that would match your height. Without considering this fact, you might end up buying a product or a snow pusher that will always made you to struggle and bend when removing snow out of way. In this case, you need to get a convenient length that you cannot struggle to use.

Handle design and length

Just like in the overall dimensions, you also need a snow pusher that you can comfortably handle without strain or stress. It should be comfortable to handle and you should consider the height of the handle, the design, and the D-grip feature if that is what you are looking to have. The handle should also be strong to stand the load being used to push.

Blade features and size

What matters again in making work easier is the size of the blade. The wider the blade, the easier the work. Therefore, you need to consider the overall dimensions of the blade and on top of that, the design of the blade. Some are wide and with rib angled pattern to make them work easier and faster.

Material construction

Of great importance also is the durability of the product. If you want to have something that can last, then it is important to check on the quality and type of the materials that make up the blade, and the handles. This will guarantee you with the best snow pusher that will be of value for a reasonable period.

Last but not the least, you need to compare the prices of the snow pushers above after you have checked and satisfied by the other features and specs. By doing this, you will align your search with the budget that you have for the best snow pusher. Of course, there are different range of prices and you can easily get your type without necessarily moving out of this awesome list and guide.















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